The question is why?

Feeling the sun on my face

Going off the beaten path

Legs strong and powerful up that tough hill - but I do it again... and again

The steady rhythm of my feet mile after mile after mile after mile

Sweat beading on my forehead and then streaming down my face 

Breathing steady and then ragged as I push myself

Keep pushing

Arms swinging, body continually moving...slow at first and then slowly getting faster

Rain pelting me, wind moving me, snow silently crunching under my feet


I am forever a RUNNER

Thank you body for letting me do what I love so much

It truly completes me

It makes me HAPPY

They see me as Mommy and ATHLETE

My Mommy is so strong...that is so cool

Chasing after them doesn't tire me out - can they keep up with me?

Passing it on

They'll do the same for their babies


December 30th

364th day of the year

One day left in 2014

How will we spend it?

Why do YOU run? 

Really. I'd love to know.

Happiness Is Running Life.


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