Make time for a quickie! Nat's Runbit #6


Not THAT type of quickie... A RUN quickie :)

Sometimes we as long distance runners may feel like if we don't have time for a longish run, then we'll be tempted to just skip a day altogether.

According to Women's Health Magazine's article on 101 of the Greatest Running Tips for Women by Runner's World - even if you have 15 minutes... IT'S WORTH IT.

"If 15 minutes is all the time I have, I still run. Fifteen minutes of running is better than not running at all." -Dr. Duncan Macdonald, former U.S. record holder at 5000 (set when he was in medical school)

For me, today was a perfect example of just that! It was my birthday today (yay!) and let me tell you having a birthday with three young children on a MONDAY during the school year AFTER a holiday weekend is just... INSANELY BUSY.

I had grand plans of waking up at 5:30 am for a lovely sunrise run and a beautiful start to my special day. (la la la laaaa!) 


I was super tired and all I wanted for my birthday was to sleep in. So I did - a little bit!

But, I missed the early morning run and was thinking about it all morning ("gotta get my run in, gotta get my run in"...)

I could have taken a day off, it really would have been okay. But, it was important to me to start my year off right by doing one of my favorite things in the world - running.

So, I made myself SQUEEZE in a 1.67 mile run - jumped in the shower, had singing and cake with my kiddos and off to a wonderful dinner with my husband and Mom.

And you know what?

It was only 1.67 miles - but it felt glorious. :)

What value do you get out of short runs when the day is crazy?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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