Do you like to run happy?! Nat's Runbit #17

I love being happy. 

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Even when I am in a bad mood, the future thought of getting out of the bad mood and feeling happy again... makes me happy!

Top five things that make me happy:

1. Running

2. My husband

3. My kids

4. Traveling

5. Luxurious spa treatments

And when I saw these running shorts from Brooks, I had to write a post about them, because they have "Run Happy" written all over them. Literally. They do!

I love Brooks' Run Happy slogan- it's brilliant, upbeat and so true. 

And at $22 for these super cute shorts, the excellent price also makes me happy :)

Cause we all want to run happy, right?

Please share - what top five things make YOU happy?

Happiness Is Running Life!


PS: Happy Winter Solstice! 
Today is the shortest day of the year, so be sure to get your run in early! :)

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