5 Characteristics for 2015 + loving the pool

SBG (sweet baby girl) is sick. Stomach flu. 
My poor baby.

So, SBG and J stayed home today to rest and I took the big kiddos to church this morning.

The last Sunday of the year at our church is really special for the children. They get to come in their jammies, have a big pancake breakfast and watch a movie. 
So cool.

After church, I relented and bought them each a donut (such a treat!) and on the way back to the car we were rewarded with this sight...

Adorable deer grazing quietly, oblivious to our presence. It was such a gift and we hung out for a bit watching them.

Josh and Megan loved their donuts...

And the message at church really touched me today. No matter what your faith is, I think this touches all of our lives...

5 ways to live our life:

1. Compassion
2. Kindness
3. Humility
4. Gentleness
5. Patience

As we embark upon the new new year I want to have these written down where I can see them and etched in my brain at all times.
I definitely think I could be a little more patient at times. I want to consciously work on always being compassionate, kind, humble and gentle to others.
And I want to do the best job I can to model all of these characteristics for my kiddos. 
Total work in progress, which is what life is all about, right?:)

Today I went to the pool and had a great 60 minute workout running in the pool. Coach said I could take the intensity up a bit and I really dug down deep. My legs were a bit fatigued after the 60 min.
Overall I was happy with the workout and hope that I am keeping my fitness level pretty intact so I'll be ready to run again soon.

I am finding a lot of peace in the pool. I know I am doing what is necessary for my body right now.

Day 20 of no running = 22 days left till I can run! 

I love seeing the number inch down. 


Happiness Is Running Life!


Do you go out or stay in for New Year's Eve?

How many miles do you plan to run on New Year's Day?

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