Post Thanksgiving, Birthday fun - run, run, run!

Can you believe it is the first week in December?
I feel like this year has flown by so fast.

Our Thanksgiving was special and very fun.

The next day I got to run with Gus Harper - an old, dear friend from college. We ran cross country together and yet we hadn't run together in a long time. Gus took me on an awesome trail and we had a great 6 mile run talking and catching up.

We are planning another intense hill workout soon to simulate the late stages of Boston while tired.

I love my friends :)
Oh, and I have to mention that Gus is an INCREDIBLE artist as well. His paintings are beautiful, edgy and cool all at the same time. And if you watch the TV show Modern Family, you will definitely see one of his paintings in the background.

Monday was my birthday. So grateful to celebrate another year and I have so much to be thankful for!

I love my husband. This is the cake he got for me...

Tuesday and Wednesday the sky opened up and RAINED. 

Rain, rain and more rain. After a serious drought, we were all excited for the rain and I hope there is a lot more to come :)

Tuesday, it was pouring cats and dogs, but I really needed to get a run in - so I found an old raincoat and went for it! It was actually really fun. The hardest part is getting out there,(especially when it is all cozy and warm in your house and all you can think about is having a cup of tea and staying inside) and then once you're in it, all you hear is the sound of the rain...

Wednesday, I went running with a local running group who meets at a running store near my home.

I love runners.
Everyone was so cheerful, welcoming, encouraging and just happy to be there.
I got in a nice 8.4 mile run which was a great mid week effort for where I am right now.


20 weeks from this Monday (12/8) is the Boston Marathon!! 

I am enjoying running so much right now, building a good base and will start a training program soon.

Speaking of training programs, I had a nice email conversation with my friend Jen last week. 

Jen is a mother of 4 (yes, 4) kiddos who just ran the NYC marathon in 3:01.

3:01. Yep, you read it right.

I immediately ran to my computer to congratulate her and she told me about her race (the wind!) and getting the VIP treatment to warm up with the elite runners (very cool!) 

Although she was a bit disappointed that she didn't run a sub 3 hour marathon - she broke the 3 hour barrier a year ago - she felt happy to run a 3:01 in the crazy wind.


Jen moved from California a few years ago and now lives in Oregon and runs with a bunch of super fast women. 

For all you Oregon people out there - I feel like Oregon is the running mecca of the U.S. (true?)
She said she could pass on a great training strategy for my marathon plan. 

Did I mention how awesome my friends are?

I am inspired every day by my friends -from artists to super runners - and all the great things they accomplish in running and in their lives.

It just motivates me even more to be the best I can be every single day.

I may do a short race this weekend (pre-Christmas tree picking with the fam) as a speed workout.

Keep you posted.

Happiness Is Running Life!



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