Bike when you can't run, work those abs + an inspirational runner

Day after Christmas.

We slept in - a tiny bit - and stayed in our jammies for a big chunk of the morning (NICE).

I sat in the audience for an amazing puppet show...

Then off to the park we go to get the wiggles out and see the ducks...

And fall is just beginning for us by the looks of this tree in all its blazing red-leafed glory -

Went on a 10 mile hilly bike ride on the stationary bike (60 min). I finished up the workout with 30 minutes of  focused core work. Realized tonight that I need a lot of work on my core and I believe this will greatly improve my running.
Check out this great article on key core exercises for runners from

Finally, a glass of wine to end a great day..

Day 17 of no running - only 26 days left to go!!!

I was very inspired reading this article in Running Times

Wow and double wow!  Has anyone seen this article? Her name is Christine Kennedy and this woman is amazing! Talk about inspirational!! She is turning 60 years old in a couple of days and will attempt to break 3 hours at the Boston Marathon this spring.
Just goes to show it is never too late to fulfill your dreams.

I will be posting my 2014 year in review tomorrow and talking about 2015 + some running goals that I am excited about. Can you believe this year is almost over?!

What are you doing for New Year's Eve?!

What types of core work do you work on after your runs?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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