Searching for the rainbow...

One week till Christmas!

We'll start with the cheerful, happy news:

I had so much fun at my 4 year old's preschool holiday party!
They performed a story play from the folk tale Stone Soup.

Parents came and helped the children make the vegetable soup and then we had a wonderful time eating it together as a community. 

It was really sweet.

The new issue of Runner's World arrived (love seeing that in the mailbox!) and SBG (sweet baby girl - my 22 month old) decided she wanted to claim it :)

AND then I had my doctor's appointment to find out the results of my MRI.

Doc comes in and delivers the REALLY bad news. I have a stress fracture on my right knee (!!).
If I continue to run on it, I will do major damage to my knee.

Prescription: 6 WEEKS off from running, lots of pool running and biking + calcium and vitamin D supplements.

I am trying, really trying not to burst into tears in front of the doctor. I succeeded not to cry, but it was really hard. 
I explained to him that I am to begin training for the Boston Marathon and he tells me: "If you run right now, I don't know if you'll make it to the Boston Marathon."


Okay. So he shows me where the damage is on my knee and says he is hopeful that it will heal in 6 weeks.
I am furiously calculating the weeks in my head. I have already taken 10 days off from running (torture). If I count the 6 weeks from today, that will put me at 12 weeks left to train. If I count from last week, I would have almost 13 weeks to train.

That is not so bad! It could be a lot worse.

I can DO this.

So, after a glass of wine (at home, not with the doctor :) and a lot of focused, thoughtful thinking - I realized that this is a major challenge but I am ready for it.

I will have to cross train with intensity:

1. Pool running
2. Stationary biking
3. Strength Training
4. Yoga

I have never had an injury like this before. Shin splints a bit in college, but nothing like this.

Hubby (from this point on to be referred to as "J") led the fam in a really wonderful prayer tonight to keep Mommy strong and positive.

J is my number one supporter. He always finds the right words to say to make me feel better.

A pic of us from this summer, but wanted to share :)

He knows that I will be a the pool. A LOT.

He gave me the big coach pep talk and says he believes I can overcome this obstacle and it will be worth it to toe the line in Boston.

You better believe it'll be worth it.

Stay tuned...

Happiness Is Running Life!


I'd love to know, how have you overcome an injury before a major race?

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