Saturday, September 30, 2017

Goodbye September + Your Mind Can Control Your Pace

Adieu, September. It's been a wild ride! 255.72 miles logged for the month, which was 14 more miles than August's total. Slow + steady progess and can I tell you how much I'm enjoying this training cycle? I love pushing my body in a hard workout, my easy run days are refreshing and joyful plus I feel like bit by bit I'm getting stronger in the strength department.
So, I had one day off from running in the month of September... crazy, right? I've said before that Mondays are an optional day off or super easy 3-4 miles and I've opted for the easy miles every Monday except last week. I continue to let my body lead the way and those recovery miles have felt awesome the day after a long run. That being said, I have a feeling I am going to take more Mondays as a complete rest day in October.

Thanks September!

Let me also confess that I got my butt kicked this week! 18 miles on Sunday and then the killer hill workout on I am still feeling it a bit and need to get in for a massage, stat.
It's so important to be gentle with your body after those hard efforts, and I've been really babying my body these last few days. I really want it to know how much I appreciate how strong it is and how it continues to show up for me day after day. Do you thank your body after a hard effort?

On my easy seven mile run today, I had a lot of thoughts about how your mind can really control your pace on a run or in a race. For instance, I notice that when I need my body to run faster - I literally can tell my mind that it's time to pick up the pace - this is important right now. Or, I've got goal paces to achieve today and I need to laser focus on my form and use my arms effectively. When I talk to myself like that, I notice almost immediately that I begin to run faster. Also, the reverse - today was an easy effort run and I felt like my body was running a bit quicker than it should be on as easy day. Sure enough, I was running faster and needed to slow down, so I told my mind - "okay, today is an easy day - it's important not to run too fast, time to slow down" and just like that the pace dropped. Imagine how beneficial this would be in a race? Picture yourself in a hard spot during your goal race: you are tired, but there's still a lot left in the tank - you just need to tap into it. Tell yourself that - talk to yourself. "I know this is a bit hard, but I've worked so hard to be here in this moment. It's time to dig a little deeper and get back on pace and I'm ready to do that."

Three Ways Your Mind Can Control Your Pace

1. Believe in Yourself.
This is so important. If you are in the middle of a race and you don't believe in yourself, then it's essentially over. Period. Even during the really, really hard parts of pain - you have to truly believe that you have the power to make your body perform.
Check out this execerpt from Runner's World about Training Your Brain To Run Your Best:

2. One Mile At A Time
Some miles will be harder than others. Don't give up just because mile eight didn't go as planned. Think of mile nine as a fresh start - whether it's the half marathon or the full, you still have time to turn things in your favor and get back on goal pace.

3. Talk To Yourself
Like really have a conversation with yourself. You can tell your body what you want it to do... "I need to speed up 15 seconds". If you really believe it in your heart, most likely (if you have done all of the proper training) your body will comply. Of course there are the instances where other factors come into play. Weather is a huge factor and indicator of your performance on race day. When I ran Boston this year, heat was a big road block. Although I went into the race without changing my time goals, I knew in the later parts of the race that a PR wasn't going to happen. I also clearly realized that if I let myself fall apart, it would make the situation much worse. Even though disappointment sets into your brain, push that aside and keep working (safely) as hard as you can - you may be surprised by the final outcome. I ran 3:23:01 that day, and although it wasn't a PR (and far from what I trained for) - if I had let myself fall apart and not kept pushing, even though the split times were sobering and disappointing, my overall outcome would have been much more disappointing. Instead I walked away optimistic about the future and happy about the hard work I put in and continue to put in each day. 

Believe in yourself.

Do awesome things.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Running Is My Recess Hits 1K+ Tags!

The Running Is My Recess Community is steadily growing and  moving right along. The one thing that I love is seeing all the dedicated runners of all abilities and goals coming together. Group runs, solo runs, exploring a trail or hitting the road... these runners know the true meaning of recess.

Katie and Crystal

It's so exciting to see Running Is My Recess pass the 1K mark in photos tagged on Instagram. Runners supporting each other - a place to share, inspire and grow.
Wanna join us? Come check out the fun HERE
Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced runner, there's something for everyone.

Thank you for helping to make this community what it is and cheers to a lot more fun!

Do awesome things.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Beast Hill Repeats + I Didn't Shower (Until Much Later) Today

I straight up know my neighbors think I'm crazy. I'm the ONE. The crazy lady that runs all the miles everyday. It's become a thing - an ice breaker if you will. People want to talk about running with me all the time. "I saw you running this morning!". There is this older lady, God bless her, who loves to question me (heatedly) about running. "This is the second time I saw you running today!" Um, no, I only run once and this is my first time out today.  "You run A LOT!" (Same lady). Uh, yeah - I guess I do run a lot. 
I get everything from "Do you have bad knees?" (I hestitate to tell anyone I had knee surgery, cause they'll just think "Ah ha. I knew it - she runs too much." When in fact that wasn't the case...) to have you run such and such trail (I get a ton of trail suggestions, which I love!)...  to you should meet our neightbor the ultra runner! And then Jerold will totally get quizzed when people see him in the 'hood - "How many miles does your wife run per day/week?" "What is she training for?" We see your wife running everywhere - do you run too?".

So this late morning, I was out running quarter mile repeats uphill (x 12) - and let me tell you, this long hill is a monster. First, I went on a two mile warm up and then got to work (oh and yes - my body was still creaky from Sunday's 18 miler, so I took extra time in the dynamic warm up). Two repeats down, TEN to go... even I thought this is kinda crazy and I hope no one notices what I'm doing. Then all of a sudden, a car drives by and pulls into a driveway. The lady gets out, stands and watches me for a while - goes into her house and comes back to wach for a while longer. "That is crazy." she says to me. "Yep, this hill is killer." I say back. "It's hot today." she says. I grunt out an affirmation - heck yeah, it was so hot today. So much for fall... Seven repeats down, FIVE to go. Next thing I know, she says "Can I get you a bottle of water?" In that moment, I was felt like the luckiest person in the world. "YES!" I said, my throat anticipating cold water and my mind telling me that the next five repeats would be like cake if I had a bottle of water.

Seen on my run (cool down) - it's not a bottle of water, but such a pretty view, right? :)

Later, I passed a man a couple of times and he sent an air high five and then another woman shouted something I couldn't hear, but I know it was something cool - so thank you.
Finally finished the beast and went home for a protein smoothie and fresh beet juice which I've been so excited to make since I got them at the market yesterday.

Lunch was really tasty: lentil soup and a bagel. I know I'm in full on marathon training mode when I eat an entire bagel. #all the carbs

Josh has the sniffles (stay away from Mommy - kidding, not kidding, which we all know is impossible because... I'm Mommy) and Elle was so tired and cranky that she went to bed at 6:21 PM. OUT COLD. It was awesome.
I also realized that I didn't shower until evening and that was kinda gross. Dried sweat is so glamorous.

What is your favorite lunch?

Is it still hot in your neck of the woods?!

Do awesome things.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday Thoughts + 7 Miles

It's so interesting how Tuesday gets swallowed up as being such a random day. Not the beginning of a new week (Monday), it gets pushed aside by hump day (Wednesday), overshadowed by Thursday (almost weekend or Friday Eve), then comes Friday, Saturday and Sunday which have their own catagory (weekend!). Seems kind of sad, cause there are a lot of great things that can happen on a Tuesday:

I had a good run this morning. First mile was slow - which is totally normal after a hard effort long run day. I'm so glad I opted to take yesterday was such a good break for my body, physically and mentally. I felt ready to get back to it this morning and it was nice to start slow and easy. Finished the seven miles and took a few minutes to do a bit of yoga...
Then it was back to Elle's preschool where I read a few books to her sweet class. I mean - reading to four year olds was easily the highlight of my day.

I'm not in my pajamas! ;0

I had no idea that today was National Pancake Day! Shhh, do not tell my kids that I missed this all important day. It just so happens that Jerold made me french toast for breakfast yesterday, so let's pretend that counts...

I promise you he made this - I was so shocked I had to take a picture. 

Water intake: I cannot even begin to tell you how much my body is craving water. Yesterday I could not stop drinking water all day and I had zero desire for anything else, just water. It trickled over into today, so hydration Tuesday is in full effect.

All the water, all the time

Saudi Arabia allows women to drive for the first time. First of all, what the what... I can't believe in 2017, in the modern world - women were ever forbidden to drive. Let's call this celebration Tuesday for real. (PS: why do they have to wait till June?)

Take chances. Do awesome things.


Monday, September 25, 2017

10 Weeks Till CIM + 62.58 miles

I have to admit, September is not my favorite month of the year. Really don't want to be a Debbie Downer about the ninth month of the year, but right about mid August, I start to feel a little anxious. I'll have flashbacks of the summer, the time we still have left and the sort of dread of Labor Day. The start of school is a bit stressful - getting back on a rigid school routine, a little bit of mourning that the kids are getting older, absolute chaos of tons of school meetings and an overload of information. Pumpkin ads that I'm not ready for, Halloween costumes that seem too early to begin thinking about (it's not) and just rush, rush, rush. Somehow, when October rolls around - things seem to slow down a bit and everyone takes a deep breath that we are solidly immersed in Fall.
All this to say that I'm smiling with relief and joy that this is the last Monday in September...

CIM is 10 weeks away and the journey thus far has been really enjoyable. I'm loving all of the running and the sense of accomplishment that comes with each workout. Of course I love the easy runs too, I just zone out and enjoy the sunshine and the pure joy of moving my legs. Lots of stretching - every day is a dynamic warm up before the beginning of a run and taking the time post run to gently stretch and foam roll. My body thanks me every time...

Last week I had a solid block of training and I feel my body absorbing the miles without protest. I really notice when I don't drink enough water during the day - I feel sore and a bit irritable. I woke up on Saturday feeling really beat up and cranky - not enough water on Friday was the issue. Lesson learned... Goal this week: tons of water.

Monday September 18th - 4 easy miles. Again, this is always a recovery from the Sunday long run and an optional rest day. A nice and easy run feels good.

Tuesday September 19th - 7 miles. 

Wednesday September 20th - 2 mile warm up, 5 mile wave tempo, 2 mile cool down. Have you ever done a "wave tempo"? It's pretty fun - this one consisted of a change in pace each half mile. 6:55-7:05 pace for a half mile, then 6:23-6:35 for the next half mile and so on for five miles. I was happy that I kept it in the lower range - 6:55 and 6:25. It's interesting because at the end of the workout, 6:55 actually feels "easy". Five miles in 33.21

Thursday September 21st - 7 miles

Friday September 22nd - 10 oceanfront miles with 8 x :30 second pick ups.
This workout has become a regular staple in the marathon training and it feels good to put the speed into my sluggish legs. All pick ups were in the 5:40/5:45 pace range. #progress

Friday also marked the first day of Autumn! My latest article for Women's Running Magazine talks all about the joys of running in the Fall. You can read it HERE.

Saturday September 23rd - 7  miles. I love weekend miles. Another birthday party drop off and I was off to the beach to get in some miles and run back just in time to pick up Josh. Joyful multitasking.

Sunday September 24th - 18 miles. 18 miles is no joke - the mileage is starting to creep up and I'm focused on what to do on race day. I ran short of GU on this run and paid for it the last 5K. Ugh - that was tough and I felt like walking, but kept pushing myself with the 'ole, you only have 2.9 miles left... ;0
7:34 pace on this run and again, progress. I just have to take it one day at a time and treat my body nicely = lots of Monday recovery.

Post 18 miles!

Total miles: 62.58

I wish you guys a great week of running. 

If you believe it, you can achieve it. Do awesome things.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Running Pro Tip + It's Not Always Easy

When we look at pictures of people running, many times it looks so easy and fun. Look at me - I'm running! Wow, isn't this field that I'm running effortlessly through breathtaking? How about this killer trail I'm about to climb - aren't I such a bad ass? Or how about this path right on the ocean that I am running on, with the wind whipping through my hair - isn't life ah-mazing?

I'm here to tell you - that is definitely not the whole story. As much as I truly love running, there are days when it's hard to push myself out the door. Sometimes I even successfully get my shoes on (the socks aren't always matching... oh and my running watch strap BROKE today), stumble out the door with my unwashed hair and circles under my eyes and yet still have the feeling that I'd rather be finished. What? I made it out the door and I want to stop before I've even begun?


I think about the one million tasks I have to accomplish, the sleep I lost when Megan got up in the middle of the night with a bad dream or the fact that I'd rather sit on my butt and have a cup of tea. 
For many runners, the first mile can be tough - your body isn't quite warmed up and you might feel a little awkward. New runners - don't give up! I promise you, the first mile (or two, or heck even three - let's keep it real) is tough for all of us, you just gotta plow through. The sweet spot is there waiting for you and even on the days that it doesn't come, you can still enjoy the sunshine...

Yeah, I was enjoying the sunshine alright. More like HEAT and are we done yet? #onemoremile

My pro tip for you - If you have five miles to run and the excitement isn't there - simply start moving your feet, one foot in front of the other...that's it. Bam - suddenly you only have 4.9 miles left to run. Mentally, there is something about only running 4.9 miles that seems doable. When your watch beeps to tell you that you've run one mile, normally you would think - I've got 4 more miles to go, right?
Nope, in your world right now - you have 3.9 miles left to go. Yep, that's all and then you're completely done. Keep tricking your mind until your body decides to cooperate.

How do you feel after five miles? If you're happy you did it, awesome! If you still feel crappy... don't worry, there's always tomorrow :)

Happy Weekend!

Do awesome things.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Stages Of Marathon Training + I Went To School In My Pajamas

Marathon training is such a strange thing. We love running so much that we willingly hit the road or trails every day, sweat profusely, add to our laundry load, increase our grocery list, and go through tons of shoes to get ready to run twenty six point two miles. It sounds crazy when you read it in print, am I right?

A typical marathon training schedule can be pretty long - typically from 12-18 weeks and that's a long time to be running toward a goal. I think in order to survive the chaos, you have to break it up in stages:


Stage one usually goes like this: you've decided to run a marathon. Wow, this is such big deal - yay, you're such a crazy person STUD! It takes a lot of careful thought and consideration into choosing the right race. Will it be close to home, or are you going to travel?  Traveling is always fun and my son Josh has come up with a cool way for you to choose your next race...

Even if you don't go to a state capitol this is a fun way to see the US laid out and spark some travel ideas!

Will you coach yourself, select an online plan or hire a coach? Let me veer onto the coach subject for a moment: I highly recommend investing in a running coach for three reasons:

1. You don't have to overthink your training. When you hire a coach, they take on the job of carefully planning and crafting your training and races along the way to the goal race.
Make sure to do plenty of research on a short list of qualified and experienced coaches and set up time for a conversation (come with questions). You want to make the right choice as your coach becomes a part of your tribe.

2. It keeps you accountable. A coach will have you record your prescribed workouts in a daily log of some sort. It's really inspiring to look back over training after many months and see how far you've progressed. Plus, coaches aren't free - so you are commiting and investing into yourself and your training.

3. Someone with whom you can discuss your short + long term goals and plan accordingly. Bonus - you know they'll never get tired of talking to you about running!

Stage Two:

This second stage of training is all about consistency and patience. Log the miles, perform the hard workouts, get the long run done, do all the little things to stay healthy. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
At this stage, the race seems like forever away, and real life has to happen as well. Laundry to be done, food shopping and meal planning, going to work, and all the life stuff. Remind yourself every once in while that there is an end result coming. Oh, and don't forget to have a lot of fun along the way - you're doing this for fun, remember?

Running Is My Recess

Stage Three:

The taper is here, and it's almost time to race - but not so fast. Keep getting that critcial sleep and taper doesn't equal lazy. Keep on top of the workouts and cheer about the slightly reduced mileage and intensity.

Stage Four:

It's showtime! Time to celebrate all the hard work and have fun -you've earned it.

I'm solidly in stage two these days. Run, repeat, run, repeat - I love the predictibility of this. I have to confess... I hit snooze this morning, somehow the alarm didn't ring again and the next thing I knew, it was late. Not morning ruined late, but definitely - we've got to hustle our butts this morning without missing a beat. Yep, I threw a sweater over my pajamas and walked my daughter into preschool this morning. Someday, the kids and I are going to have a belly laugh over their crazy, marathon loving Mom.

Crazy mother runner trying to take a self timed running photo.

At least some of my zen rubs off on her. #yogagirl

Do awesome things.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Brooks Ghost 10 Review

Note: Brooks Running sent me a pair of the new Ghost 10 shoes to try, yet all opinions are my own.

Runners search, test and try many running shoes, looking for the perfect one. There is so much to consider in a good running shoe depending on your needs and preferences. Weight, cushioning, a wide shoe versus a narrow one, arch support and the list goes on and on.
The Brooks Ghost 10 is an excellent running shoe. A well designed shoe made for the occasional runner all the way to the professionals and runners in between - you cannot go wrong in this plush ride.

The Ghost 10 protects, supports and carries me through hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds!) of miles of marathon training.

One detail that I immediately loved about this shoe when I first tried it on was the wide toe box. There is plenty of room for your feet and toes to feel relaxed and comfortable during a run. Runners' feet tend to swell after running for an extended period of time and the Ghost 10 takes care of that bar none. 
Another great feature is the air mesh upper, also right at the forefront which offers plenty of ventilation and that keeps your feet cool and dry.

Check out the wide toe box and the laces are thick and sturdy. 

Let's talk about the midsole cushioning for a bit. The Ghost 10 has BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning that responds to each runner's stride and step individually. The shoe actually feels like you are walking on a cloud, yet it has firm support and it can definitely handle high mileage. 

These shoes are made for running...

The bottom of the Ghost 10 has what's called a Plush Transition Zone which helps guide your foot smoothly from heel to toe.

Plenty of room and comfort in the heel. As someone who suffered from a horrible case of Plantar Fasciitis, a 12 mm heel drop is the sweet spot.

Here are a few important specs:

Midsole drop: 12 mm

Weight 8.80

Arch: Medium, high

I have logged 165 miles so far on this shoe on various terrain: road, trail, hard packed sand and treadmill. The Ghost 10 has served me tremendously well during this marathon training cycle so far. I love running easy in this shoe and it is light enough to give me turbo charge on the important speed sessions during the week. The longest training run so far has been 17 miles and my body feels so supported during all those miles.

Run Happy!

If you need a neutral shoe with a plush ride, I would highly recommend giving the Ghost 10 a try. Many running stores will let you take it for a test spin - so go for it!

Run Happy. Dream Big.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

11.5 Weeks Till CIM + Running A Marathon Is So Much More Than Running

I went on a super easy 4 mile run yesterday at the beach and I thought about how much runners put into this sport. It's so much more than running... in fact, it's all about the little things that I do after the running is finished. It really feels like the actual running is 10-15% and everything else is 85-90% - especially during marathon training. A short list of the things that marathoners do to prepare and take care of their bodies:

1. Stretching before the run (note: dynamic stretching is better to warm up your body than static stretching)
2. Drinking ALL the water (I aim for 100 ounces per day)
3. Eating healthy, nutrient dense food - with a good mix of protein and carbs.

Today's lunch! Kale, steak, eggs cheddar cheese tacos. You can read more about my love for food during training HERE.

4. Taking supplements to give your body an added boost (I am currently taking: iron, vitamin D, multi vitamin, vitamin C, probiotic)
5.Stretching after the run
6. Strength training (a few times a week - critical to keeping your body strong and preventing injury - this includes CORE and GLUTE work).
9. Ice baths
10. Epsom salt baths
11. Stretching, rolling, taking good care of your feet
12. Massage
13. Foam Rolling
14. Yoga
15. Dialing into your mental game and staying positive
16. Wearing compression socks
17. Tart cherry juice is great to combat inflammation. Also, ginger and turmeric.
I always have a bottle of tart cherry juice in my fridge.
18. If you have PT exercises - performing those during the week. If you haven't been to a physical therapist, it's a great idea to consult with one. The therapist can give you exercises based on your weaknesses that will help to prevent injury.

Foam rolling hurts so good.

I went on a beach walk with my sweet friend Joanna yesterday. I ran an easy four miles, she went to Cross Fit and then we met up at the beach. I love connecting with women that inspire me. Joanna has FIVE kids, yes five. She is beautiful inside and out, an amazing cook, dynamic public speaker and she makes it all look so easy. We talked about that NO, it's not easy, but you set priorities and enjoy the ride. Joanna asked me about what do I to keep my body healthy and ready to run - when I listed a few of the things, her response was "Whoa. That's a lot." 
Yes, it is, but as runners we love it and if you love it then it doesn't seem like work.

11.5 weeks till CIM and training is cruising right along. Here is what last week's workouts looked like:

Monday September 11th - 4 easy miles (a welcomed easy run after 17 miles the day before)

Tuesday September 12th - 7 miles. I had a great night's sleep and felt ready to tear up the road on this run. Alas, it was an easy run - so kept it nice and easy (8:56 pace). Nothing to prove on these runs, get the miles in and rest the body.

Wednesday September 13th - 10.25 miles. 2 mile w/up, 5 x 1 mile repeats: 6:27, 6:22, 6:23, 6:19, 6:16 (.25 jog after each set), 2 mile cool down. I did these repeats on flat, boardwalk at the beach. I get in plenty of hills during the week and I just wanted to focus on speed today.
Really happy with this workout. Seeing some strength on these and a great confidence booster. Boom! Still plenty of time to improve.

Thursday September 14th - 7 easy miles. Recovery, rest and get ready to run long on Sunday

Friday September 15th - 10.3 miles which included 8 x :30 second pick ups. All of the pick up paces were between 5:40-5:55 except two in the beginning which were 6:30/6:40 range. An improvement from last week when there were only two pick ups in the 5 something range.

September 16th - 7 miles. 

September 17th - 14 mile "shorter" long run. First four miles easy at 7:55 pace, then six miles at 6:59 pace, last four miles at 7:40 pace.
Total pace for 14 miles = 7:23
This workout was done on the treadmill. We had so much going on for Sunday and I opted to sleep in a little bit before church. Then off to church, followed by back to school picnic (a big deal at our school and so much fun!), then off to visit my family friends and visit with them after a tough week of loss. Sooo, then only time was on the treadmill, and I'm okay with that. Family first always and at the end of the day I did the work with a good effort.

Total Miles: 59.55

Have a great week!


Monday, September 18, 2017

Turning Your Weaknesses Into Strengths, Saying No To Boston + 59.55 Miles

I had every intention of adding on the extra .45 miles to round up to 60 miles this week - the type A side of myself making a grand appearance. When I realized what the weekly mileage was, it was the end of the week and I knew it would have to happen on Sunday's long run. The best intentions and plans don't always happen and I was ready to finish yesterday's long run right at 14 miles - I had nothing left for the .45 and I'm okay with that.

It was a good week of running and a poor week of everything else. We lost a dear family friend and it turned our world upside down. I love that I can turn to running for so many reasons: joy, goals, and grief.

"Athletes who hope to improve must recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Then they must work at turning their weaknesses into strengths" (excerpt from the book Mind Gym).

Have you assessed what your weaknesses are as a runner? It's interesting to think about. When I run a marathon, my weakness comes at the end of the race when it really hurts the most. If I see my pace slowing down over the course of a mile, I find myself getting discouaged and sometimes slowing down even more without realizing it, because I think the mind convinces the body to stop working hard. Instead of rallying and pushing against the pain and discomfort, I tend to give into it, and then a little bit of defeat happens. You end up talking yourself out of finishing the race really strong because you didn't get want you wanted, which is the emotional yet wrong approach. During the Boston Marathon in April, I felt big gains in my mental game. Even though I knew that I wasn't going to run some awesome PR, I still pushed myself to finish strong and make every second count. Remember, every single second counts in a race - keep reminding yourself of that during the crazy hard parts.

I have decided not to run the Boston Marathon in 2018. I know I made the decision the moment I crossed the finish line this year. I love the race and all that it stands for so much, but I've gone two years in a row and that's enough for now. There are so many other races I want to run and my family is ready to go somewhere else for Spring break. Boston will always be there and I plan to go back again someday, just not in 2018.

I hope you guys are having a great Monday!

Have you ever run the Boston Marathon?

Did you register for the Boston Marathon in 2018?

What are your mental weaknesses in a race?


Friday, September 15, 2017

Strength Training in 30 Minutes + 7 miles

I had a good seven mile run on Thursday. Easy and a good recovery from Wednesday's mile repeats (x 5!). My body felt a little creaky today, so I ran super comfortable and relaxed. I think because it's almost the weekend, I felt like dancing post run. You can never take yourself too seriously with this running/training thing - you gotta have a lot of fun along the way.

Strength training session following the run happened as well, and I only had 30 minutes to dedicate, so here's what that looked like:

Push ups (3 sets of 15 reps)

Donkey kicks (2 sets of 20)

Mountain climbers (2 sets of 20)

Dynamic plank (2 sets of 20)

Straight arm lat pull down (2 sets of 20)

Bicycle crunches (2 sets of 60)

Leg press (2 sets of 20)

Lat pull down for back muscles (3 sets of 15)

Single leg bridge with pelvic thrust (2 sets of 20)

Cable trunk rotation (2 sets of 15)

One arm row with 15 lb. free weight (2 sets of 15)

A good routine to try for your next strength session!

I'm reading this book again...

Fine tuning the nutrition and making sure I get every component of what I need for all the work I'm asking my body to do each week.
I love the examples in the back of the book that give a sample of what various professionals eat on a daily basis.

It's Friday! Have a great one friends.

Anyone racing this weekend?

Have you read Racing Weight?

How often do you strength train?

Kick ass. Be awesome.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

12.5 Weeks Till CIM + I'm Back

I realized that I unintentionally took the majority of summer off from the blog. Something had to give and this little space took the hit. Our summer was a lot of fun, but definitely the ball was in my court at all times in the parenting realm. Jerold has been buried in work all summer with the start of his new fiscal year, and for the first time probably ever, we really didn't see him a whole lot. That left me, playing super Mom - I hope successfully most of the time - and the balls never really stopped juggling after school ended. The kids had a blast with fun camps, friends and tons of free time. I loved having days of endless sunshine and the biggest decisions were going on a hike, hitting the beach or relaxing at the pool. Glamorous it was not, as I was always on, always watching over little ones, always entertaining. I keep the thought in the back of my mind that the days crawl and the years fly by. I catch myself when I begin to groan inside, thinking desperately about needing a week completely alone on an island. I think how lucky I am to be their Mom and wow - thanks God for letting me have the chance.

Somehow I threw in quite a bit of running in there, which always adds an element of... I don't know - enjoyment, yet work at the same time. Never a chore, but a constant plan of making the time for it, plus adding in all the things for it (how much water did I have today? I'm tired, but gotta make time for strength). I knew after Boston, that I wanted a crack at a race that had more odds of going in my favor - West Coast time zone, cool to cold weather and a favorable course. Hello, CIM. Summer was a building block of base and nothing too crazy... I took a week off after Boston and then an unexpected week off in July after our trip to New Orleans. The ball juggling and then a nasty case of strep throat put me crawling to bed for over a week and running took a back seat.

Now here we are, approaching mid September, twelve and a half weeks left before the marathon and the running is coming along. There is still so much time left of training, and I'm just taking things in a chill approach - one run at a time, easy on the easy runs, sleep, strength and not sweating the small stuff.

The kiddos are back in school, this week and last have been insane - cause even though they are back, for some reason my life seems slammed. Getting all three out the door early, delivering each of them safely, checking in with teachers, soothing tears of adjustment (Elle is in a new school and she goes from being the happiest little girl when I pick her up, to literally screaming on the floor in the kitchen 10 minutes after arriving home. Just screaming about everything all at once. I know we'll get through it and of course I question every decision - you want it all to be perfect, which we know is impossible). 

Running has been steadily at 50 - 60+ miles a week and my body has been good with that. It'll be interesting to see how it all rolls out over the fall and if I'll be ready to absorb more miles. I'm ready for whatever my body will be happy with - I'm feeling positive about this cycle and can I dare say that this race will finally be a breakthrough? Ah, I will not jump the gun - just do the work, be patient and wait.

Here's what last week looked like:

September 4th - 4 easy miles (Mondays are an optional day off and I have felt like running easy and shaking my legs out from the Sunday long run, so I usually run on Monday)

September 5th - 7 miles

September 6th - 2 mile w/up, 5 mile tempo in 33:47 (6:45 pace), 2 mile cool down = 9 miles 

September 7th - 7 miles (got out on the trails today which I love)

Crushing on the sweet gifts from Brooks Running to kick off marathon training - the new Ghost 10 shoe and the Fine Form running bra. Full reviews coming soon. LOVE.

September 8th - 10 miles with 8 x:30 second pick ups (paces from 6:30-5:45. It was pretty sweet to see a few 5 something paces in there. Progress!)

September 9th - 7 miles

September 10th - 17 miles at 7:41 pace

Total miles = 61

I'll keep plugging along and see where this journey takes me. Life is a winding road - take chances. 

Kick ass.

What are you training for this fall?

How do you feel about your training thus far?