10 Weeks Till CIM + 62.58 miles

I have to admit, September is not my favorite month of the year. Really don't want to be a Debbie Downer about the ninth month of the year, but right about mid August, I start to feel a little anxious. I'll have flashbacks of the summer, the time we still have left and the sort of dread of Labor Day. The start of school is a bit stressful - getting back on a rigid school routine, a little bit of mourning that the kids are getting older, absolute chaos of tons of school meetings and an overload of information. Pumpkin ads that I'm not ready for, Halloween costumes that seem too early to begin thinking about (it's not) and just rush, rush, rush. Somehow, when October rolls around - things seem to slow down a bit and everyone takes a deep breath that we are solidly immersed in Fall.
All this to say that I'm smiling with relief and joy that this is the last Monday in September...

CIM is 10 weeks away and the journey thus far has been really enjoyable. I'm loving all of the running and the sense of accomplishment that comes with each workout. Of course I love the easy runs too, I just zone out and enjoy the sunshine and the pure joy of moving my legs. Lots of stretching - every day is a dynamic warm up before the beginning of a run and taking the time post run to gently stretch and foam roll. My body thanks me every time...

Last week I had a solid block of training and I feel my body absorbing the miles without protest. I really notice when I don't drink enough water during the day - I feel sore and a bit irritable. I woke up on Saturday feeling really beat up and cranky - not enough water on Friday was the issue. Lesson learned... Goal this week: tons of water.

Monday September 18th - 4 easy miles. Again, this is always a recovery from the Sunday long run and an optional rest day. A nice and easy run feels good.

Tuesday September 19th - 7 miles. 

Wednesday September 20th - 2 mile warm up, 5 mile wave tempo, 2 mile cool down. Have you ever done a "wave tempo"? It's pretty fun - this one consisted of a change in pace each half mile. 6:55-7:05 pace for a half mile, then 6:23-6:35 for the next half mile and so on for five miles. I was happy that I kept it in the lower range - 6:55 and 6:25. It's interesting because at the end of the workout, 6:55 actually feels "easy". Five miles in 33.21

Thursday September 21st - 7 miles

Friday September 22nd - 10 oceanfront miles with 8 x :30 second pick ups.
This workout has become a regular staple in the marathon training and it feels good to put the speed into my sluggish legs. All pick ups were in the 5:40/5:45 pace range. #progress

Friday also marked the first day of Autumn! My latest article for Women's Running Magazine talks all about the joys of running in the Fall. You can read it HERE.

Saturday September 23rd - 7  miles. I love weekend miles. Another birthday party drop off and I was off to the beach to get in some miles and run back just in time to pick up Josh. Joyful multitasking.

Sunday September 24th - 18 miles. 18 miles is no joke - the mileage is starting to creep up and I'm focused on what to do on race day. I ran short of GU on this run and paid for it the last 5K. Ugh - that was tough and I felt like walking, but kept pushing myself with the 'ole, you only have 2.9 miles left... ;0
7:34 pace on this run and again, progress. I just have to take it one day at a time and treat my body nicely = lots of Monday recovery.

Post 18 miles!

Total miles: 62.58

I wish you guys a great week of running. 

If you believe it, you can achieve it. Do awesome things.


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