Beast Hill Repeats + I Didn't Shower (Until Much Later) Today

I straight up know my neighbors think I'm crazy. I'm the ONE. The crazy lady that runs all the miles everyday. It's become a thing - an ice breaker if you will. People want to talk about running with me all the time. "I saw you running this morning!". There is this older lady, God bless her, who loves to question me (heatedly) about running. "This is the second time I saw you running today!" Um, no, I only run once and this is my first time out today.  "You run A LOT!" (Same lady). Uh, yeah - I guess I do run a lot. 
I get everything from "Do you have bad knees?" (I hestitate to tell anyone I had knee surgery, cause they'll just think "Ah ha. I knew it - she runs too much." When in fact that wasn't the case...) to have you run such and such trail (I get a ton of trail suggestions, which I love!)...  to you should meet our neightbor the ultra runner! And then Jerold will totally get quizzed when people see him in the 'hood - "How many miles does your wife run per day/week?" "What is she training for?" We see your wife running everywhere - do you run too?".

So this late morning, I was out running quarter mile repeats uphill (x 12) - and let me tell you, this long hill is a monster. First, I went on a two mile warm up and then got to work (oh and yes - my body was still creaky from Sunday's 18 miler, so I took extra time in the dynamic warm up). Two repeats down, TEN to go... even I thought this is kinda crazy and I hope no one notices what I'm doing. Then all of a sudden, a car drives by and pulls into a driveway. The lady gets out, stands and watches me for a while - goes into her house and comes back to wach for a while longer. "That is crazy." she says to me. "Yep, this hill is killer." I say back. "It's hot today." she says. I grunt out an affirmation - heck yeah, it was so hot today. So much for fall... Seven repeats down, FIVE to go. Next thing I know, she says "Can I get you a bottle of water?" In that moment, I was felt like the luckiest person in the world. "YES!" I said, my throat anticipating cold water and my mind telling me that the next five repeats would be like cake if I had a bottle of water.

Seen on my run (cool down) - it's not a bottle of water, but such a pretty view, right? :)

Later, I passed a man a couple of times and he sent an air high five and then another woman shouted something I couldn't hear, but I know it was something cool - so thank you.
Finally finished the beast and went home for a protein smoothie and fresh beet juice which I've been so excited to make since I got them at the market yesterday.

Lunch was really tasty: lentil soup and a bagel. I know I'm in full on marathon training mode when I eat an entire bagel. #all the carbs

Josh has the sniffles (stay away from Mommy - kidding, not kidding, which we all know is impossible because... I'm Mommy) and Elle was so tired and cranky that she went to bed at 6:21 PM. OUT COLD. It was awesome.
I also realized that I didn't shower until evening and that was kinda gross. Dried sweat is so glamorous.

What is your favorite lunch?

Is it still hot in your neck of the woods?!

Do awesome things.


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