Running Pro Tip + It's Not Always Easy

When we look at pictures of people running, many times it looks so easy and fun. Look at me - I'm running! Wow, isn't this field that I'm running effortlessly through breathtaking? How about this killer trail I'm about to climb - aren't I such a bad ass? Or how about this path right on the ocean that I am running on, with the wind whipping through my hair - isn't life ah-mazing?

I'm here to tell you - that is definitely not the whole story. As much as I truly love running, there are days when it's hard to push myself out the door. Sometimes I even successfully get my shoes on (the socks aren't always matching... oh and my running watch strap BROKE today), stumble out the door with my unwashed hair and circles under my eyes and yet still have the feeling that I'd rather be finished. What? I made it out the door and I want to stop before I've even begun?


I think about the one million tasks I have to accomplish, the sleep I lost when Megan got up in the middle of the night with a bad dream or the fact that I'd rather sit on my butt and have a cup of tea. 
For many runners, the first mile can be tough - your body isn't quite warmed up and you might feel a little awkward. New runners - don't give up! I promise you, the first mile (or two, or heck even three - let's keep it real) is tough for all of us, you just gotta plow through. The sweet spot is there waiting for you and even on the days that it doesn't come, you can still enjoy the sunshine...

Yeah, I was enjoying the sunshine alright. More like HEAT and are we done yet? #onemoremile

My pro tip for you - If you have five miles to run and the excitement isn't there - simply start moving your feet, one foot in front of the other...that's it. Bam - suddenly you only have 4.9 miles left to run. Mentally, there is something about only running 4.9 miles that seems doable. When your watch beeps to tell you that you've run one mile, normally you would think - I've got 4 more miles to go, right?
Nope, in your world right now - you have 3.9 miles left to go. Yep, that's all and then you're completely done. Keep tricking your mind until your body decides to cooperate.

How do you feel after five miles? If you're happy you did it, awesome! If you still feel crappy... don't worry, there's always tomorrow :)

Happy Weekend!

Do awesome things.


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