Tuesday Thoughts + 7 Miles

It's so interesting how Tuesday gets swallowed up as being such a random day. Not the beginning of a new week (Monday), it gets pushed aside by hump day (Wednesday), overshadowed by Thursday (almost weekend or Friday Eve), then comes Friday, Saturday and Sunday which have their own catagory (weekend!). Seems kind of sad, cause there are a lot of great things that can happen on a Tuesday:

I had a good run this morning. First mile was slow - which is totally normal after a hard effort long run day. I'm so glad I opted to take yesterday off...it was such a good break for my body, physically and mentally. I felt ready to get back to it this morning and it was nice to start slow and easy. Finished the seven miles and took a few minutes to do a bit of yoga...
Then it was back to Elle's preschool where I read a few books to her sweet class. I mean - reading to four year olds was easily the highlight of my day.

I'm not in my pajamas! ;0

I had no idea that today was National Pancake Day! Shhh, do not tell my kids that I missed this all important day. It just so happens that Jerold made me french toast for breakfast yesterday, so let's pretend that counts...

I promise you he made this - I was so shocked I had to take a picture. 

Water intake: I cannot even begin to tell you how much my body is craving water. Yesterday I could not stop drinking water all day and I had zero desire for anything else, just water. It trickled over into today, so hydration Tuesday is in full effect.

All the water, all the time

Saudi Arabia allows women to drive for the first time. First of all, what the what... I can't believe in 2017, in the modern world - women were ever forbidden to drive. Let's call this celebration Tuesday for real. (PS: why do they have to wait till June?)

Take chances. Do awesome things.


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