Jumping, Running And Other Cool Happenings!

Hi friends!
I am really, really excited to share what is going on with my running! I went to see my ortho surgeon today. He examined my knee and had me perform two single leg squats to test my strength.
Everything looks great! He gave me the okay to start running again!!!
I can't believe that I am writing this. I really can't believe it.
After 8 months of zero running (last run was December 8th!!) including a four month surgical journey, I can finally say that I am healed. Also, bye bye to the knee brace - woo hoo!!
I still have a lot of hard work ahead of me. I will continue to do my exercises multiple times a day and stay really focused on strengthening my quad muscles.
My doctor said I could run on the treadmill for one mile and see how I feel. If that feels good, then I can run for two miles. TWO MILES. That sounds like heaven to me.
He would like for me to try that for a bit, and then I can start running outside. I have to stay on soft surfaces in the beginning. As I feel more confident, then I can progress to running on the roads.
 I have to go back and see him in two months. After that, I am on my own!!!

Now. There is more to this story. My wonderful physical therapist (he is awesome and takes good care of me!) seems to have a different plan in mind. At least he did when we talked on Tuesday. He told me that even though my doctor may clear me to start running, he might want me to wait a couple of more weeks (WHAT?!). His theory is that he wants my quad muscles to be stronger and my single leg squats to be stronger. However, he did have me begin some real jumping...

Hooray for jumping! 

I am also running in place. It looks like this: 1. Running in place for 1 minute. 3 sets
2. Running in place with high knees for 1 minute. 3 sets 
3. Running in place with butt kicks for 1 minute. 3 sets

I am super anxious and excited to go back to PT on Friday and hope that he'll let me run on the treadmill. I know I can do it. My doctor thinks I can do it. Let's do it!! :)
Of course I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

On to a couple of other fun things...

Who's going to watch the World Championships in Beijing?! Here is a calendar of all the events for your viewing  pleasure...

Who's on Periscope?! I signed up (Natrunsfar - follow me!), but haven't done a video yet! Has anyone done a video? Let me know so I can check you out! I love that Katie is doing a new topic every day for 14 days. If you don't know what to talk about, check out her blog for the list of ideas. #PeriscopeProject.
I haven't had time to record - I think I am resigned to that fact that my kids will be in the video with me :)

Alllllright! That's all I have for now. Be well. Have fun. Live wonderfully.

Happiness Is Running Life!


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