Back To Running = Back To Normal

Hellllo friends!
What's going on?! Happy Thursday!! 

I hope you have been having a great week of running. I am on cloud 109 because I have run every single day this week! Woo hoo!!!


I started out with one total mile on the track (I have to run only on the track for 2-3 weeks. My therapist wants me to get a little stronger before he lets me run on trails) and felt great. A little stiff, a little weak - but great!
I have now progressed to 1.5 miles total - run one lap, walk a lap etc. I felt excited about adding that extra 1/2 mile into the mix!

Work those stairs!

I also have started walking 5 sets of stadium stairs some days after running to build more endurance (advice from my therapist. As I have said before - he works me!) I was a sweaty, sore mess after this workout!

Tuesday night I was invited (by the lovely Melissa from the Valentine RD!) to come to a yoga event at the Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica. The evening consisted of an outdoor yoga class, followed by cocktails and appetizers + a Lorna Jane trunk show! Count me in! 

Awesome yoga class!

Oh so good appetizers...

Lorna Jane = yes, please!

Okay, let's talk flowers for a moment. My favorite flower? Pale pink peonies. Well, peonies aren't in season right now, but Jerold surprised me with these beauties....

Thanks honey!

I have been a planking queen lately. Gotta get that core nice and strong. Side planks have been a little harder for me, so I've been practicing a lot...

Isn't my yoga mat so cool?! Vivaio Days in Santa Monica sent it to me, along with some other awesome products. I will have a review of everything up on the blog very soon. Stay tuned!

I've also been posting on Periscope! In this broadcast, I am talking about my future marathon goals, a brief analysis of my last marathon and the art of negative splitting!! This broadcast is a little longer than I normally post (usually 6 min). Also, the beautiful Lisa from was the person I was answering and talking to a few times. For some reason the Periscope hearts and questions did not appear when I transferred this to You Tube.

Onward to Friday!! :)

Do you usually negative split in your races?

Have you ever had a race goal that you are still working to achieve?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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