Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Friends! Hello there! 
Happy Friday to ya :)

Crazy week, all three of my kiddos with me pretty much 24/7, tons of swimming and fun by the pool, hot summer days, 4 1/2 weeks till school starts (Yay! Not ready for summer to end), PT exercises up the wazoo, and lots of improvement in my knee.
My therapist was working me today - I was SWEATING and my glutes were burning! I told him he was cracking the whip and he told me if I want to run those Boston Hills well, I'd better WORK :)
Enough said!

So, here is what I am loving this week!

1.  Catalina Island. I love Catalina - a beautiful island, about 22 miles from Los Angeles. There is so much to do here - hike, bike, SUP, kayak, shop, relax, or take a tour of the island. There is also another part of the island called Two Harbors, which is not very populated and a stunning part of the island. My kiddos have never been to Catalina, and this is on our list for an end of summer get away! My husband is a big huge camper and wants to take the kids camping. I'm up for it - let's do it!!

2.  THIS mascara. It's super cheap and I LOVE it. SO easy to apply and it's part of my routine: wash my face, brush my teeth, apply mascara + lip gloss. Boom. Done. I don't have time for much of anything else!

3. THIS pasta sauce. It is so awesome that this sauce contains ZERO sugar and anything artificial. I really want to make my own pasta sauce. Until then, then is my go to sauce :)

4. THIS list of the best beaches! If you know anything about me, it's that I truly love the beach.
I was so excited to check out this list from one of my favorite magazines! :)

5.  My new love other than running of course (along with XC skiing in winter) is SUP! Isn't this board so pretty?

Enjoy this glorious August weekend!!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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