Weekend Update

Hi friends!
How's it going today?
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

We had a really fun summer weekend. We laughed and played, enjoyed being together and just had a lot of fun. It was pretty simple. I worked out quite a bit with a good amount of time on the bike, core work and PT exercises + nice long power walks.
As a family, we spent wonderful time together at the beach! It was a mellow, low key weekend - I even took a long nap on Sunday. I love weekends like this!


I had time to reflect on my training and rehab. Many runners are training for fall marathons.
I'm simply excited to start running again and being able to run for the pure joy that it brings into my life. Then I'll start slowly building my base this fall, which will lead into training for the Boston Marathon in April. I am sure I will test out some shorter races, but it all will lead into running a marathon in 8 months. I know it will take a lot of hard work and dedication. I will have to work harder for this marathon than any other marathon I have ever done.

It has almost been one year since I ran my last marathon. A year ago I was in the Midwest visiting my Dad, full blown into marathon training (20 miles on the Great Miami River Trail!). Then we were off to Mexico as a family and I would be slowly beginning to taper for the big race.
This summer has been so very different. From surgery in April, not moving much, crutches for what seemed like forever, to fully walking again at the beginning of July... I feel so thankful to have a good knee and to be healthy. 
It feels so good to go on a walk! I will never take walking for granted again...

I love watching my daughter Megan. She always has the attitude that if she wants to do something...

She just does it!!

I featured Lindsey Vonn's documentary in my Friday Favorites last week. I can't even begin to tell you how moved I was. Watching this amazing athlete go through one knee surgery and then have to have a second knee surgery was unbelievable. The hard work and dedication she put into her rehab was so inspiring. I realized even more that you can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to do.
When you think you are working hard, work harder. Never stop believing in yourself.
I'm so excited for my future and to see what my body can do! Cheers to all of us for pushing ourselves and never, ever giving up.

I don't take this sunset for granted. #stunning

Tell me something fun about your weekend!!

Any exciting Labor Day plans?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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