Awesome Glute Exercises + A Typical Day At PT

Hello beautiful friends!
I hope you had an amazing Tuesday.  I am super excited to share with you what I have been doing lately to strengthen my glute muscles! As runners, we know that having strong glutes helps you to become a better, stronger runner. Strong glutes also keeps injury at bay... We knew that, right?
For me, I am in some disbelief that I haven't been doing at least some of these exercises during my past marathon training cycles. My therapist and I had a long discussion yesterday about the fact that so many runners neglect this part of their training. You need strong glutes to be a good runner. Period. So, I was really dropping the ball when I didn't make this an integral part of my training.
Lesson learned and I am pysched to have this knowledge! From my rehab now to my marathon training later - I can't wait to see where a stronger core and better glutes take me.
I am instructed to do these every day, but a non injured runner could incorporate these exercises a few times a week.

Here we go!

1. In this first exercise, grab a medium sized exercise ball. 
Lie flat with your feet on the ball + bend your knees, and slightly lift your butt...

Next, (with your butt still off the ground) straighten your legs...

Finally, bring your knees back to a bent position and then lift your butt even higher. 
I performed 3 sets of 8 (and it burned!!)

2. For the next exercise, I used THIS band (in level 4, blue).
Place the band around your ankles. Place your feet hip width apart. Knees bent and butt sticking out.
Then side step across the room. I performed 12 steps across each way. Up and down the floor is one set.
3 sets total! It burns, baby! #workthoseglutes

3. Ready for the third exercise? Are you tired yet?! 
Using the blue band again (place it around your thighs - feet hip width apart), position yourself in a squat. Stay in the squat position with your feet straight ahead and making sure the knees are not facing inward. Use the band to slightly press your thighs outward, maintaining tension on the band.
Hold the squat for 10 seconds.
3 sets!

This was a bit challenging for my knee, but I was able to do 3 sets!

4. Here is the fourth exercise. Place the blue band around your ankles. Bend your knees. Then step forward and out at a 45 degree angle with one foot. After you step out, bring your trailing foot to your leading foot without losing all tension in the band. Repeat with opposite foot as the lead to make a zig zag pattern across the floor. Complete a total of 12 steps.

When you have completed 12 steps forward, then go 12 steps backward following the same method.
Back and touch, back and touch....
3 sets!

At this point I am a sweaty mess. 

5. Fifth exercise for the amazing glutes you are going to have :)
Grab a chair and stand with your back toward the chair. Keep one foot on the floor. Left the other foot off the floor with your knee bent. Then lower yourself down toward the chair without actually touching the chair. straighten your back up. Perform these chair squat 8 times (= 1 set)
3 sets total!
I am using a pole to help with my balance because my knee is still a little weak. You probably won't need a pole.

6. Sixth exercise! One suggestion my therapist had was to perform these exercises before or after your run. ie. If you run in the am, then do these later in the afternoon.
Single leg bridge. Hold for 10 seconds. 
3 sets!

And there you have it! Six great glute exercises that runners can incorporate into their training!
I am not a coach, doctor or physical therapist. I am only sharing the exercises that my therapist has me doing to strength my glute muscles.  We talked about the fact that these would benefit any runner, but only do what works for you!

I also got some great time on the bike alternating between level 6 (1 minute) and then level 12 (1 minute). 

.... and some good stretching (I am still so tight!) I also love coming to PT, because the views are amazing. #palmtreesgalore #ocean

The goal here is to straighten my knee as much as I can. Work! Harder, harder.
I can feel that it's getting stronger...

I decided to wear my brand new Ahnu shoes that I got from The Idea World Fitness Convention last month. They were so comfy and perfect to go to PT. I love them!!!

A huge thank you to my awesome Mom for coming with me to PT and taking tons of pictures of each exercise so I could share them with you. My Mom rocks!

Do you incorporate glute exercises into your training?

Do you perform core and strength exercises before or after your run?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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