Weekend Update!

Hi friends!
I feel like it's been a long time since we've talked, but it's only been since Friday!
Perhaps it is because I have not been super active on Instagram these last couple of days (are you following me on Insta? Please join in the fun!).
Maybe it is because I feel August weighing down on me, the days speedily passing by and I am focused on soaking up every ounce of summer left with my family.
School starts after Labor Day and I am trying to slowly (slowly) get us back on our straight and narrow schedule. Tonight I put everyone to bed at (almost!) the normal bedtime ("What Mom - no s'mores at 7:45 PM? No last minute dessert, no running around the backyard at almost dark?). 
Not that I am in any way saying that summer is over, but I don't want a total rude awakening when school starts in 4ish weeks.
Anyway, it didn't quite work as the kiddos were up a lot the first 30 minutes (I have to pee, may I have another glass of water, there's a monster in my room...). 
This weekend, I threw myself into family time and playing a lot with my kids. I see them growing right before my eyes: Josh is getting so big, Megan wakes up every morning taller (she clearly is Jerold's daughter!) and Elle is speaking in these incredibly intelligent sentences. 
I don't want to miss a moment...
So, I didn't cook (zero Meatless Monday again, but I'll be back on track soon! Oy!) much and we played a TON. Lots of swimming, and lots of PT exercises for me...

Elle munching on her apple and wondering what am I doing?!

Plenty of swimming fun...

There's nothing like relaxing with friends and legos after an afternoon of swimming...

We had fun at the playground...

Saturday we took the kiddos to play miniature golf...

There is no sport that Megan does not love!  #naturalathlete

On Sunday, Jerold took the big kiddos on a really cool adventure - they went to an event called Ciclavia. A very cool experience where large parts of Los Angeles close down their streets for people to bike! They were able to bike through the neighborhoods of Mar Vista, Venice and Culver City. I'm so proud of Josh and Megan as they biked the whole way! #fitkids

I am so excited about the progress with my knee. Getting stronger every day and I really appreciate the little things like bathing my girls - I can now bend down easily and give them a bath!

Be sure and check back tomorrow - I'll be showing you all the glute exercises I am doing to become a stronger, better runner! Anyone can do them and they are a great addition to marathon training.


What are you most looking forward to in August?
We haven't properly celebrated our wedding anniversary (7/21), so I am looking forward to a fun date!!

Have you ever participated in a city wide biking event?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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