Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Update: Work Hard And Then Work Harder

Well, hello friends!
Happy Monday, happy start to a new week. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Here it is ---- > The moment I have been waiting for since December finally happened. Can you believe it? I went running!!!! I realize that I was so excited about running, I didn't post my Friday Favorites! I was too excited!! I will resume next week :)

Here's a quick rundown:

Friday, I visited the track that I love so much for a running in place workout. I have logged many miles on this track - mostly in the form of 800 meter repeats during marathon training. Yes, this track and I have been through a lot together and I missed it...

My kiddos had so much fun running around and racing each other. Clearly the girls weren't dressed properly :) Megan in her flip flops and Elle in her dress and sandals. And those are swim googles around her neck!


I treated them to lunch and a fun little ride...

Friday night I went to the beach for a celebration sunset (followed by champagne!)
I also found out I won an amazing giveaway from a huge group of bloggers! The prize? A Fitbit and a $300 Amazon gift card! SCORE!!! #thatsthewaytocelebrate

Saturday morning PT = a super hard exercise. Hold for 15 seconds x 10!! Plus a bunch of squats and running back and forth down the hallway. We talked a lot about form and continuing to work hard on my core, glutes and strength. 

And then, the moment I've been waiting for arrived. I really don't have words to describe my feelings. This is a day I will never forget...

How did it REALLY feel to run?  The knee was a little stiff at first. I struggled to maintain my form the first couple of laps. By the 3rd lap I felt loose and a bit more comfortable. I worked on my form a lot and picked up speed at various points. It was exhilarating!! 

The kiddos and Jerold were with me for that first run on Saturday. Then we went for ice cream to celebrate!!

Big kiddos = totally into their ice cream

Sunday morning I got up before dawn to enjoy a beautiful sunrise on the beach (I did a broadcast on Periscope too!)...

And then I was off to the track for a morning run! Day #2 of 1 mile of running (run the straight and walk the curve). I was careful to stretch before (as instructed by my therapist) and then I went for it. Another wonderful day of running!! Am I dreaming? 

I forgot to wear my Garmin! #notusedtorunning

So, that's it!! That was my super exciting weekend of entering back into the wonderful world of running. I just want to take a moment and say thank you. Thank you so much to every person that has followed along on my blog - for every kind, encouraging word and all your support. It kept me going every day and I am so thankful. I know there is so much hard work ahead of me and I know I have to ease my body back into running. I am just so happy to be at this point. SO HAPPY!!!!!

To every injured runner out there, believe me - I know how hard it is. How frustrating. Try and be patient and you will get there. Last fall, I never dreamed it would take me this long to get here. But I'm finally here. #grateful

I know this was a long post and thanks so much for reading. I can't wait to share this journey of running, training and racing (+ eating!!) with all of you.

Tell me something FUN about your weekend!

Did anyone race this weekend? Long run?

What is your favorite month of fall (September, October or November)? 
My favorite is late October and November. I love Thanksgiving!
September and October are generally our hottest months here in So. Cal, so it still feels very much like summer. Even Halloween can be hot for the kids in their costumes! 

Happiness Is Running Life!


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