Weekend Update!

Hi Friends!
I am back from our vacation in Lake Tahoe and I have to say we had such an amazing week.
Living in California, there are so many places to explore and many times in just a few hours you feel like you are in a different state. That is how I felt this week - although we drove to Tahoe and it took a whopping 11 hours to arrive! (a new road trip record). Everything about Tahoe is so different than Southern California. The towering pine trees, gorgeous lake, amazing bike paths and laid back setting are just a few thoughts that come to mind...

Friday was the last day in July and we celebrated Jerold's birthday at a wonderful restaurant in Lake Tahoe. If you are ever in North Lake Tahoe, be sure and check out the River Grill. Amazing service and great food + live music! It was such a great evening of family, fun and laughter! I took the day off from exercising as I had been so active during the week. From biking, hiking, kayaking to SUP - it's the most I have done since my knee surgery in April!

Saturday, I was ready to go again and Jerold and I got a chance to go out together on the paddleboards. I can't believe I didn't get a picture! #badblogger. Actually, this means, I am in serious need of a GoPro :)
We met up with some friends and they were kind enough to stay with our kiddos (and they brought paddleboards for us to use - thanks so much Laura and Ryan!) while we got in some SUP time together. I fell in the water once and the waves were pretty choppy. In that moment I realized how much swimming fitness I have lost and I am ready to gain that back again.
Anyway, we had a great time and the kids were plenty busy while we were gone...

And they found a really cool crayfish, which was the highlight of the afternoon!

Sunday - it was time to say goodbye to our new happy place...

I was excited to wear my new HRG tee shirt!

And I was ready to go home because of all the great things that are happening this month - I GET TO START RUNNING AGAIN!!! 
Can you believe it?! I still can't believe it and really won't actually believe it until I am doing it.
I go back to the the doctor on August 19th and that is when I should get the okay to start slowly running on the treadmill at PT.
So now I have to keep walking, biking, swimming and working on my exercises. I am so excited!

There was a hanging wall sign at the entrance of our condo this week that summed up life pretty nicely...

Don't you love it?!

On Friday, I posted my weekly Friday Favorites. One of the favorites was a sangria that I am dying to try. The cool thing was that my good friend Jen (you can read all about what an amazing running Jen is HERE!) was on vacation, read my blog and she and her friends made the drink! They also sent me a pic! :)
Thanks girls!

My friend Jen on the right with her friend drinking the Friday Favorite drink!!

Tell me something fun about your weekend!

What are you looking forward to this week?
I'm looking forward to a date night with my husband and getting in some great workouts this week!!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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