Friday Favorites!

Hello gorgeous friends!
Happy Friday and happy weekend! I was just saying that I couldn't believe it was July 1st and now here we are at the 31st of the month. 
I am sad that July is over, but looking forward to all the fun times that August has to bring. Hooray for plenty of summer left to enjoy!

We are still on vacation, but I wanted to share with you what I am loving this week. Here we goooo....

1. I love a delicious, light summertime drink. Sangria is one of my favorites and THIS one looks divine. Not a lot of sugar and doesn't it look so pretty? I'll be making this in the month of August!

2.  THIS podcast! So inspiring and such great information. I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did :)

3.  THIS cookbook! So exciting - healthy, easy, creative snacks for kids. I need this book NOW :)

4.  THIS book if you want your heart to race a little (okay, a lot!) while on the beach - cause we still have a lot of summer left :)

5.  THESE running shorts look super comfy and I have heard nothing but amazing things about them. I can't wait till they arrive in my mailbox.
Also, super excited that I am now part of the Oiselle Volee running team! Hooray!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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