Friday Favorites!

Hi friends!
It is Saturday night and I am sitting here with a glass of wine enjoying the silence.
Utter silence.
No little people have gotten up to ask for water, ask to go to the bathroom (you don't have to ask, you can just go. Really. It's okay), or been afraid of the potential monsters that are in their room.
I could hear a pin drop.
It is absolutely magical.
Sooo, I had an awesome, awesome run today. Go check out my Instgram for details :)
You guys, I am so, so happy to be running again. It's like I got my friend back! I mean, Jerold is my best friend in the whole world, but this is different. Ya know what I mean?
Today, I started getting my rhythm back. Running didn't feel so foreign, so awkward. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it was so nice. 
Okay. Anyway, I know it's Saturday night and I am just publishing my Friday Favorites, but I really think you are going to like what I am loving this week. I am featuring some articles from a few of my favorite bloggers. I am so excited about this, that I definitely have to do it more often. I mean why should I promote big retailers, when I can promote my FRIENDS (at least sometimes)?! DUH.

Without further ado, here we goooo....

1. Sue. She is so kind, funny and smart. Are you reading her blog? Well, you should. 
Check out this article she wrote the other day. #4 is SO ME. I am a major geek when it comes to watching marathons on TV. I mean, last September, I went to bed early, set my alarm for like 2 am to get up and watch the Berlin Marathon! And everyone was speaking GERMAN. It was awesome.
Anyway - read Sue's article!!

2.  Deborah is awesome. Always positive, always sweet and I love reading her blog. 
---> Go read her blog! Definitely check out her article about training her husband for his first 5K!! You can feel the love here and I am so excited to follow along on the journey!!

3.  Lindsay's blog is called Cotter Crunch. OMG. Her recipes are incredible. Her photos make you want to run to the market, buy every ingredient she recommends and make her latest dish for dinner.
Seriously - check her out. Oh, and she is a sweetheart too!
I am excited to make this awesome shrimp tacos recipe that she featured this week. Don't they look delish?!

4.  My next two favorites aren't from bloggers, but they are still pretty great. Ready?
Actually, I found out about Ebibs when I was reading Sue's article, so she gets credit for this. :)
I hadn't heard about Ebibs before. SO FUNNY. I was cracking up at every single quote. Check it out.

5. Last favorite for the night. THIS lip balm is the
Really. It is.
You know us runners have to have great lip balm when we run, right?!!
A company in Santa Monica sent this to me and I love it. I love the smell, the texture - everything.
I am doing a review of a few things they sent me coming up this week, so stay tuned.

I'm still drinking wine! I guess I should stop and go to bed, right? Hummm...
No, really I should - since I am RUNNING tomorrow! Woo hoo!!!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend my friends! 

Be well, run fast and take chances.

Happiness Is Running Life!


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