Weekend Recap!

Lots of fun things happened on the last day of the weekend...
I will just start with 


Happy International Women's Day! I am so proud to be a woman and a female athlete. I am thankful for all the women before me who have fought hard and strong for women's rights. I am so grateful for Title IX and all that it has done for women athletes!! I think it is a great time in the history of the world to be a woman. Yay for my two little girls who get to be a part of all of this!

Sunday also marked springing our clocks forward...

Which of course means we lose an hour of sleep - BUT it was so nice to have the extra hour of daylight!! It really feels like spring is rapidly approaching :)

Let's take a quick look back at the other days of the weekend! 


A beautiful, amazing view and I had to stop to document...

I talked to my Dad today (he lives in Ohio) and we always talk about the weather. I couldn't really tell him about this, when he was dealing with this (which I think is really beautiful too)...

Which is why he really likes coming to visit us in the winter! :)

And we text a lot. Lately its been about my injury....

And then I got another update on my injury from our family friend (radiologist) who suggested another path on my surgical journey...

The take away from this is:

1. I do NOT have a stress fracture.
2. The injury is an osteochondral lesion (defect) on the bone of my knee.
3. The cartilage is torn (news that I didn't know before).
4. Blood flow is not getting to the injury to heal it. My friend told me that this could be as simple as drilling in the area to increase blood flow.
5. The copy of my official MRI report is making its way to another ortho surgeon (highly recommended) to get a 2nd opinion on how to proceed. This surgeon is in Los Angeles, which means, I may not have to make a trip to San Diego which I talked about HERE.
6. The healing time from surgery to running again is 4 to 6 months. My original doctor told me 4 months so I am really, really hoping for that! If I were able to have the surgery this month, this could mean I would be able to start running again by the end of July. That would be wonderful!!!
7. Running at the end of July would give me 9 months of slow base building leading into training for the Boston marathon in 2016. The other scenario would be running at the end of September, which would give me 7 months to build and train.
8. I have to look at the big picture and know this is going to come to an end soon and its going to be GREAT!! I just have to keep plugging away on the cross training and stay positive.
9. Everything that I do now will relate to getting ready for Boston next year. I can choose to look at it as 13 months of training :)

"The journey of becoming the best athlete you can be is complex - there is no straight road to success."



Pool running today!! Workout was: 60 minutes total time - 10 minute warm up, 4X10 minute intervals at a hard effort with 10 minute cool down.

How I felt: Interesting. I have come to the conclusion that I can't eat much of anything before this workout. I believe the tightness of the aqua jogger across my stomach causes discomfort if I have recently eaten. Before this workout I didn't have much to eat - a lighter breakfast. But I felt  not so great during the workout. Okay - I felt sick to my stomach. This has happened before, yet when I eat very little (enough to give me energy to work hard) I don't have the problem. I got through it - it always helps to look at the bright side...

My sweet, wonderful son turned EIGHT today!! We celebrated by having a small bowling party with a few of his friends. It was perfect. He got to have one on one time with his friends and they loved bowling! We have had big birthday parties in the past, but he said he loved this!! I baked the same chocolate cake that I made for SBG's birthday - I really need to work on the decorating part! But, everyone loved it and it does taste really delicious!

And we were the family that bowls together...

Jerold is slightly bent over, because he thought we were supposed to be "bowling" :)

Later that evening, I got to dress up as an 80's rock star for our school fundraiser...

Which was a total blast!! Like, totally it was :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

Tell me the BEST part of your whole weekend - GO!!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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