6 Essential Marathon Principles

Incredible day today...

More beautiful roses were blooming on my bush!

Peach today and a stunning pink yesterday!

I posted the pink ones on Instagram :)

So, with spring marathon season upon us, a lot of runners are getting ready for big races in the coming weeks.
During the LA Marathon expo, I attended a great talk that covered what you should be thinking about during the race (Your mental focus).

I jotted some notes and these tips are right on point!

6 Essential Marathon Principles

1. Run the mile you are in.
Don't worry about what is coming up in mile 13, when you have just started mile 12. Try to relax and run mile 12 as confidently and focused as you can.
When I am running a marathon, I can't think about future miles - it really is unsettling for me. I say to myself ----> I know eventually I will get to mile 24, but let's tackle this 17th mile right now and stay relaxed.

2. Be Patient
26.2 miles is a long way to run. Trust your training and your race plan. Don't get too excited because you feel good in the beginning and start running faster than goal pace. In fact your pace should be 5-10 seconds slower in the first few miles.
The patience will pay off when you are blowing by everyone at 24 and 25 and feeling good (as good as you can at the end of a marathon!)

3. Banking time doesn't work.
Truth! It won't work to think you can run faster in the beginning to put time in the bank for later. You will regret it. Big time.

4. In heat, run 30-60 seconds per mile slower.
Case in point: The LA Marathon.

5. Be Persistent.
When I was running the Ventura Marathon last September, I was running with a small group of runners and we all had similar time goals. Right at mile 13 I had taken a GU and grabbed some water. I felt in the those moments that group was pulling away from me. I knew I felt good and I couldn't tell if they were speeding up or I was slowing down... Anyway, I was determined that I was going to stay with them and caught right back up within a 1/4-1/2 mile. Persistence got me through.

6. Be Purposeful
Train hard, have a goal and don't let anything deter you.
No race is perfect and sometimes things fall apart, but keep your purpose! My purpose was to finish strong and qualify for Boston.
Done and done (even though the last 7 miles were brutal).

Do you struggle with any of these points during a marathon?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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