Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!!
How was your weekend?


So...Jerold has decided to challenge with me with a planking contest. Can you believe that?
He says he can beat me in planking...

I say... "BRING IT!!"

So, we are going to work hard all week on our planking and this Saturday, we'll have a... plank off.
He is really an awesome guy....

So, do you think I can beat him?! I CAN!!!


Some Natural History Museum time with my two loves...

90 minutes on the bike!!

And I caved into my craving for a juicy turkey burger...

WORTH IT!! So, so good...

Then I had a very nice, relaxing date with Kate...

Which was a perfect way to spend a Saturday night!!


Sunday early morning = making a healthy breakfast for the kiddos and J and then I was off for some pool running before church!!

Thank goodness, our church doesn't require us to dress up, because I hurried home, ran through the shower threw on jeans and we were off!

And SBG thought it would be fun to head butt Daddy (ouch!) while waiting in line for lunch at our church Easter Picnic...

Later than evening, I got to have a date night with my wonderful Mom...

And another burger!!! Holy Moly!!

It was a lamb burger and it was the best thing I have ever tasted. Seriously. AND a beer!!

It is very hard for me to drink an entire beer. My stomach gets so full! Anyone else have that problem? My Mom had to finish my beer...

And then we went to see Cinderella!!!

It was SO GOOD. I loved it, loved it. Can't wait to take Megan to see it!!!

Happy Monday!!

I picked these amazing roses from my garden this morning and it really made my day!

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday!!

Stay tuned... tomorrow I will have a full LA Marathon experience from my two girlfriends that ran the race!

Have you seen Cinderella? What did you think?

How long can you hold a plank?
I am up to 2 minutes. I think I need 4-6 to beat Jerold!

Can you drink an entire beer?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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