I don't know if I can do a 1 sentence Saturday...

It has been a wonderful day!!

We decided to go to the LA Marathon expo today. Because...I'm a running geek that loves anything to do with running and yes - I'll go to a marathon expo even if I'm not running, cause it's my idea of fun :)

And hello?! I got to chat with Deena Kastor. You know, just an Olympian (Bronze medal in the marathon at the 2004 Olympics!!!), fastest US women's marathoner (2:19:36!!), US Master's record holder in the half marathon (1:09:39!!), EIGHT time national champion in cross country...

And how cool is this? We ran in the same cross country and track league in high school. I went to Westlake High School, Deena went to Agoura High School - and yes, Deena was INCREDIBLE in high school too! We were all in awe and wanted to run as fast as Deena or know the secret to her amazing speed. All the parents would be out on the cross country course cheering their kids on...
GOOO!!.... - um yeah, okay. No chance my kid is winning this race... :)
She also knows two of my dear, long time friends who ran on the team with me and we had fun talking about them also.
Deena was gracious and lovely and the chat was a highlight of my day!
Thanks Deena!!

I also got to listen to the awesome Bart Yasso speak and give advice to runners about how to run the LA Marathon. Great information and a picture afterwards...

Bart is such a nice, down to earth guy and I also learned a bit about the Yasso 800s. Bart told us that Amby Burfoot was the one who named the 800 meter repeats the Yasso 800s (Yasso had been doing them as part of his training). Bart thought the hype would last for a few months, but little did he know that 30+ years later the "hype" would continue! I faithfully incorporate Yasso 800s into my marathon training cycle during my Tuesday speed sessions. I believe that these repeats sharpen my speed, improve my strength and get me ready to race. I had been wondering if the 800 times were really an indicator of your future marathon time. Someone else had the same question and Bart told us that for 60-70% of runners, the 800 times can be an indicator of how fast you will run the marathon. For example if you are running 3:15 - 800 meter repeats, chances are you are on your way to running a 3:15 marathon.
Thanks Bart for all the great info!

Next, I was able to meet Elizabeth Comeau from Zelle! 
Zelle (if you don't already know) is a women's digital magazine from Runner's World. Zelle launched last October and has been on fire ever since!
In November, Zelle wrote a great article about my running and you can read it HERE!
Anyway, Elizabeth was so friendly, easy to talk to and a lot of fun! 
Thanks Elizabeth, it was awesome to meet you!!

And we were the family who goes to the LA Marathon expo together...

And I had some time to swim, reflect, focus and think...

Off to cheer at the LA Marathon tomorrow!! The race is also the USATF Marathon National Championships so that will be super exciting to watch. The LA Marathon course will also be the location of the Marathon Olympic Trials next year on February 14!! I am so excited for that!! :)

Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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