Friday Favorites!

It's the last Friday in March!!
Let's get to it!

1. 18 years ago, my Mom's younger sister passed away from Breast Cancer and left our family devastated. This disease effects so many women and we have to keep striving for a cure.
80% of the proceeds of this wonderful song (by one of my favorite artists!) goes to the American Cancer Society.

2.  THIS shirt! I love this company - a portion of their sales goes to help provide clean drinking water to impoverished countries. If you purchase this running tee, you'll provide ONE YEAR of clean water to a person in Kenya!! This is amazing!

Women's Giraffe Kenya Long-Sleeve Running Shirt

3.  Everyone in the running world is talking about this doll!! What's not to love? Ella is such a positive doll for little girls around the world! 

4.  Let's hear it for good Samaritans!! A runner's life was saved because of this heroic woman.

5. I tried this popcorn last week and loved it. No artificial ingredients!

Image result for skinny pop popcorn

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!

Happiness Is Running Life!

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