Wednesday Stuff!

Oh yeah! Half the week is over and we're having a good time!!

Very cool about Carrie Underwood's new fitness clothing line! It debuts tomorrow, Thursday March 5th!!

I love my running sunglasses!! The lenses are polarized, which reduce glare and keep me from squinting on my runs. The arm is broken on one side and they are kindly going to fix it for me! :)

I made a delicious afternoon smoothie with frozen mango, fresh carrots and cantaloupe (they don't look exceptionally beautiful)...

But it was sooo good! :)

Seeing this made me miss running...

I use this flavor for a jolt of energy during my long runs when marathon training. YUM!

And I love when my Mom comes over and brings homemade chicken soup for no reason. This is how happy she was to see us!!

And I'll leave you with THIS ARTICLE (that I read today at Runner's Connect! LOVE this website for runners!) that is on spot on about attitude is everything when it comes to racing!! Food for thought for upcoming spring races! :) Here is an excerpt:

Boom! So just get out there and

What is your favorite flavor of GU?
Espresso, Salted Watermelon (have you tried it?! SO GOOD!) and Vanilla!!

Do you wear green for St. Patrick's Day?
I do! I get all into this holiday - even as a kid. I think my parents thought it was strange... :)

Happiness Is Running Life!!


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