Weekend Update: It's All The Little Things!

Happy Monday Friends!
Last Monday in October!! 
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

It was a pretty relaxing weekend for us. I was super happy with my 9 mile long run on Saturday!! Running 9 miles is such a big deal for me and I felt so grateful to be out there running!
A full week of running and Sunday was a day off. I took a long nap and really enjoyed the down time.

Even on my rest days from running, I still work on my core, dynamic stretching and PT exercises. I still am at the point where I need to do these exercises every day for a while. I have a lot of strength yet to regain!

Here are a few of the warm up exercises I do on a daily basis:

1. Double leg jumps. I start in a squatting position and jump forward onto both feet. I do 15 jumps (x 3 sets)

2.  Lunges! Some days during the week I use 10 lb. weights.
I usually do 15 lunges (x 3 sets)

3.  Squats! The pic didn't come out just the way I wanted - I squat ALL the way down, and come all the way up (and squeeze my butt at the end). I still wanted to show you what I'm doing :)
15 squats (x 3 sets)

4.  Toe Touches! This is a great dynamic stretch. Start by slightly jogging in place and then raise your arm to your opposite leg and touch your toes. Keep jogging in place as you do this exercise.
15 times (3 sets). I am still working on getting my knee completely straight!! :)

This is a sample of what my warm up consists of on a daily basis before I start my run. By the time I start running, I am warmed up and lightly sweating. 
I'll be sure and show you the other exercises I include in my warm up soon. It would be such a long post to show everything! 
For me, it's all about the little things - these are the things that are going to help me stay injury free and be a stronger, faster runner.

It was another beautiful October weekend...

CONGRATS to everyone who raced this weekend!!!
It was so fun yesterday to see all the social media updates on all the races!!

Do you warm up before you run? (I used to hardly ever warm up! A very little bit of stretching and I would just bee bop out the door and start running!)

What are you having for dinner tonight? (I'm making chili!)

Happiness Is Running Life!


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