Friday, October 30, 2015

NYCM TRIP - Day One!!!

You guys.
This is real!!
I am in NYC for all the marathon festivities and fun!!
A huge thanks again to Runner's World!! :)

Bart and I hanging out :)

We arrived on Friday and I got to attend the Runner's World VIP party! It was such a blast!!

I was so honored to meet Joan Benoit Samuelson - I mean, she is such a legend...

She is amazing!

And Dean Karnazes was there too!! 

This is so cool!

I got to hang out with Team Asics - good luck to them on Sunday!!
The flash didn't come on my camera, so I'm sorry it's a little (a lot!) dark...

Katie, Linzie, Toni and I - so fun!

Before the party, I made my way to the expo and got to meet Allie and Nellie!

It was so awesome to finally meet Allie in person. We saw each other and just started hugging!! She gave me the warmest hug (I love that!) and I felt like I've known her for a long time. It's so funny how you meet someone from blogging and you get to know them from their writing. I was so excited to meet her and wish we had more time to talk!! Allie - good luck on Sunday!!!!!!!!

It was my first time meeting Nellie also and it was so wonderful to meet her! It was so fun to chat a little bit and THANKS Nellie for helping me with my Uber app! :)
Nellie is running her FIRST marathon on Sunday! Good luck Nellie!!!!

I enjoyed my reading material on the plane...

Prepping mentally for Boston - it starts NOW :)

Do you like to unpack when you go away for a long weekend, or leave your clothes in the suitcase?
I have this thing, where I really have to unpack and hang everything up!

I'm running 10 miles tomorrow, and you'll have to tune in to see who I'll be running with!! :)
Flat Nat is ready for a huge 10 mile run! 

Well, you definitely won't miss me! #bright

Jerold knew just what to bring me to fuel up for the run tomorrow!!


Happy weekend friends and I'll be back with more NYCM fun!!

What are your Halloween plans?!!!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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