The Importance Of Gratitude

We go about our life everyday, rushing around - running to the next appointment or drop off.
Work, life, family...the days and months go by in a blur and before we know it, it's the end of another year.
How much do we really think about what we are grateful for?

My birthday almost 3 years ago. Pregnant with baby #3. 

I started a gratitude journal a couple of years ago (My friends from church came up with this idea!).
It was simple - write down something you are grateful for every day. It could be a beautiful sunrise, an extra 10 minutes of sleep, a manicure, extra time with your husband, etc.
Soon you will have a whole journal filled with beautiful thoughts. Wonderful things that you are grateful for.

I'm so grateful!

We all have our hiccups in life - crap happens. Life isn't always beautiful and rosy, but despite that - there is still so much to be grateful for.

I encourage myself and you, my friends - grab a journal (it doesn't have to be fancy!) and write down one thing that you are grateful for today. Soon, you will have a beautiful collection to look upon and cherish.

I have two things to share today:

1. I am so grateful for my loving family

2. It is so amazing to be a runner and I truly love it. I am so grateful for a good knee!!

Tell, me  - what are you grateful for today?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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