Dark Morning Runs, Pumpkins and NYCM!!!!

It's been a crazy week.
I am continuing to run 6 days a week, which is awesome! I feel like I'm always saying how thankful and grateful I am to be running again. I'll say it again, cause it doesn't get old :)
With a full plate of running + all of my exercises (this includes exercises from my coach and my therapist), strength work, core, 100 ounces of water day, remembering to take my vitamins, eating plenty of protein PLUS moving and making sure my kiddos are adjusting.... I'm a little tired.
It's a good tired though - a happy tired. A peaceful tired. 
My kids are happy, my knee is happy, so I am good. I'm good...

I normally do not get up at zero dark 30 to run. I usually have a little visitor at least once during the night (it's always my five year old and she goes right back to bed - but I get up and tuck her back in), which sometimes I go right back to sleep and other times I don't right away.
So, the running gets done mid morning/early afternoon before the kids get home from school.

Not today! :)

The afterglow of an early run

I was one of the chaperones for Megan's Kindergarten field trip and I would need to be gone most of the day. The only time to fit in my run was 5 am.
The alarm goes off at 4:15 - it's dark and sort of chilly and it was a little tough, but I did it.
7 dark morning miles, but it was nicer than I expected. I drove to a trail that is well lit and there were a lot of runners pounding away their am runs before daybreak. We all nodded at each other as we passed by (there was no smiling) and we were all silently supporting each other.

I hurried back and it was a mad dash to the shower (no time to blow dry my hair!) and off to the farm with an adorable bunch of five and six year olds!

Thankfully, Jerold made lunch (I had to share this!)

Yes, I wore my compression socks!! #fashionstatement

It was such a fun day! I loved having the special time with Megan. With three kiddos, I really have to make sure I set aside special time with each of them every now and then...

All I can say is that I am so proud to be her Mom. xoxo

There were tons of pumpkins and the kids learned about how pumpkins are grown and all the different varieties...

I love fall, don't you?

We got to pick our own pumpkins...

Beautiful sunflowers and we even rode on a tractor!

I've been getting my kids ready for Halloween, and for the first time - Jerold and I won't be with them for Halloween.
I am beyond excited, but Runner's World Magazine is sending Jerold and I to the New York City Marathon!!!!!

Last year during the Runner's World Cover Contest, they also ran a sweepstakes. The winner would win a trip to NYC (+ a guest), 3 nights in a Manhattan hotel and VIP seating at the marathon finish line. They also would win a Tag Heuer watch and an invite to the VIP party on Friday night.
Well, 25,000 people registered and I WON!!!!

I can't even believe it, but it's been over a year since I found out I was the winner and now we are leaving tonight on a plane to NYC.

This will be the longest time we have ever been away from our kids AND we are missing Halloween.
But the kids have been great about it and they are going to be with family and friends. So much love will surround them this weekend and that makes me feel good.

I don't think it will really hit me until I get on the plane. We are going to have such a blast!!!! Be sure and follow me on Instagram - I'll be sharing pictures from our weekend there.

Today I ran a very easy 4 miles. It felt good to just put it on cruise control and just run super easy. I have a 10 miler in Central Park this weekend that I am very excited about!!!

Timing is everything - yesterday my old (although it's not that old) Garmin broke. The watch is fine, but the watchband fell off. 

Right after that the UPS guy showed up with a new Garmin 620 that I ordered!!!

Yay for an upgrade!!

And I received these awesome running socks from Stance!! I have heard so many great things and can't wait to try them out! :)

Alright, I am off to get on a plane. Have an awesome rest of your Thursday!!!

Do you run with a GPS watch? Which one do you have?

Last time you were in NYC? (It's been a few years for me!)

Happiness Is Running Life!


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