One Sentence Wednesday!

Hi Friends!
Life is crazy busy with getting ready to move into our new home next week!!
Here is a quick lowdown of Wednesday...

Ran 5 fun miles today in my new shoes! (#Pure Flow!)

Yummy after run treat!

This makes 100 ounces of water a little more fun!

These are so good right before my run!!

My new shoes are pretty sweet!!

Loving this after dinner treat!!

My sweet girl loves her homework!  #kindergarten

I will have to tell you all about my shoe dilemma in my next post. 

Off to pack more boxes - and fit in some core work!!

Happy Wednesday!!

How many pairs of running shoes do you have (that you currently run in)?

What kind of shoe do you run in? (Neutral or stability)?

What brand do you wear?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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