My Kids' Thoughts On Why Mom Runs

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday to you and are you as excited for Friday as I am? Yep, I thought so :)
I have been excited to join in on the fun of interviewing my kiddos. I saw Allie's interview with her kids a few weeks ago and loved it. Since then I have checked out Sue and Angela's fun interviews also!

My kids love to talk, so they were more than happy to be interviewed about having a Mom who runs! 

Taken today!

1. What does Mom eat before a run?

Josh and Megan (shouting together): "Running Gu!!"

Megan: "Cause then you'll get all sweaty if you don't drink Gatorade before you run and while you're running."

Elle: "My turn, my turn!"

Elle: "Gatorade!"

Too funny! 
Also, I don't drink Gatorade! I think they are remembering when we were in Ohio last summer and I had to run 20 miles (training for the Ventura Marathon). My Dad bought Gatorade for me when I finished!

Megan is loving her new running shoes!

2.  How far does Mom run every day?

Megan: "2 miles"

Josh: "3 miles!"

Elle: "My turn, my turn!" 

Elle: "Every day we go!"

I haven't run in so long, they really don't have a concept of miles. I was definitely running more than 2 or 3 miles a day :)

3. Why do you think Mom runs?

Megan: " Because it's good exercise"

Josh: "And it makes you happy!"

Megan: "Don't run a whole marathon, then you get sweaty."

I was jumping up and down inside when they answered! Cracking up about Megan's advice about NOT running a marathon! 

Josh and I right after I finished the Ventura Marathon last summer.

4. Does having a Mom who runs make you want to run?

Megan: "Yes. And it makes me happy, because it makes me want to be a runner just like you.

Josh: "Yes! But I like to run more track and field."

Awww. Proud Mom moment. As you can see Megan is going to be my cross country runner!!

Megan running the kids' race at the Ventura Marathon.

5. Have you learned anything from having a Mom who runs?

Josh: "Yes. That it's good exercise, it's good for your body and it makes you happy."

Megan: "When you are not on crutches, you teach me how to run, because I didn't know how to run."

Very interesting how much they absorb. Megan and I have never really run together. She has just naturally always been interested.

Megan hydrating like a champ after a trail run.

6. What else does Mom do?

Josh: "Takes care of her wild kids and goes to physical therapy."

Megan: "You help and you run before you are on crutches."

Wild kids? I have never said that to them! Too funny! And what about cook, clean, do laundry, drive everyone around, read to them, play... :)

7. What injuries has Mom had from running?

Josh and Megan (together yelling): "KNEE SURGERY!!"

The story of our lives for the past few months!

8. Do you like going to Mom's races?

Josh: "Yes. I love them. I keep forgetting you are a marathon runner, because you haven't run in so long."

Megan: "Yes. When you go to races, you don't win and then I am sad."

Wow!! From the mouths of babes. As you can tell, Elle has wandered off long ago and wants nothing more to do with the interview :)

Josh and I after a 4th of July 5k last summer.

9. What is your least favorite thing about having a Mom who runs?

Megan: "If I didn't have a Mommy and only a Daddy, I would be sad."

I love you too Meg.

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What do you think your kids would say?!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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