Great Ways To Organize Your Family Vacation + More Lake Tahoe Adventures!

Hi friends!
The week is flying by - I can't believe it is Thursday already! We are still having a blast in Lake Tahoe and I am soaking up every moment. My knee is getting stronger every day and it's so fun to be able to exercise with my kiddos!

We hiked in Squaw Valley - gorgeous scenery and a somewhat tired Josh!

First we took 8 min tram ride up to the top (8,200 feet above sea level)!


We are truly filling up our days with fun activities and lots of family time. It's so nice to wake up and get ready for a new adventure! 

Almost every evening we go for a stroll - somehow Jerold got caught with a funny look on his face!

The kids couldn't wait to go biking and we biked on the most scenic paths....

Yay for my Mom being with us this week! We are loving the QT with her :)

We stopped for lunch at the most amazing lakeside restaurant! If you are ever in North Lake Tahoe, be sure and visit Sunnyside Restaurant! Beautiful views and great food. 

What every kid wants after a long bike ride - to color of course!

I had the trout and rice bowl. THE BEST.

Today we took an incredible 30 minute drive to the Nevada side of the lake and had a wonderful afternoon of SUP fun.

My Mom's first time on an SUP! I am so proud of her :)

Family vacations are so much fun, but I have found that you have to be organized to make things run smoothly. On this trip, we have our family of five plus my Mom. Add in a napping two year old = a lot of planning and organizing needs to be done.

Great Ways To Organize Your Family Vacation

1. Rentals can sometimes be better than a hotel

We rented a condo for this trip and it is awesome! Not only does it have it's own backyard (with green grass!) for the kids to run around and play, you can't beat having a washer and dryer. I have been throwing in a load of clothes every evening :) I love a great hotel, but having our own kitchen and multiple bathrooms makes it easy for everyone to spread out. Plus, when the kiddos go to bed, we can still watch a movie and have a glass of wine. Bonus!

2. Unpack

This is huge for me. If I am going to be away for more than a few days, I find that unpacking is KEY to my sanity. When we arrived, the first thing I did is unpack everyone's suitcases, hang clothes, use the drawer space and place the toiletries in the bathroom. It makes our morning routine so much easier!

3. Make an itinerary

Before I leave home, I try and do some (okay, a lot) of research on the area, ask for recommendations on what not to miss, great restaurants and most importantly- fun activities. I also try and make dinner reservations in advance and purchase tickets to popular attractions if I am sure we are committed.
I'll type up a brief itinerary outlining each day and give a copy to each adult. Of course all is subject to change based on how we are feeling and what the kids are up for!

4.  Be flexible

You're on vacation! Sometimes, things aren't going to go as planned or you make changes along the way. Bedtimes aren't exact like they are at home and nap times may get pushed a bit. Go with it! We have been so relaxed this week and the kids are in heaven. S'mores have been roasted at bedtime and our two year old has been staying up a bit later with the big kids. It means she may nap a little longer in the afternoon and I'm okay with that.

5. Have every adult pitch in

I love this part! My Mom is here with us, which means we have 3 adults to 3 kids. Score!! We all take turns cooking, bathing the kids, etc. Everyone gets a break and we are able to get things done so much faster with more hands. 

What is most important to you on a family vacation?

Anyone racing this weekend?

Any fun August plans?! (Can you believe August 1st is on Sat?!!)

Happiness Is Running Life!


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