Weekend Recap!

Hi Friends! 
I hope you are enjoying the last bit of your weekend!

We got some much needed rain on Thursday and my hydrangeas loved it!

I was so happy about my healthy lunch on Friday...

The CPM machine left my house on Friday morning - yay!!! It felt so huge to be done with the massive amounts of time spent on that machine.
Now, I am focused on my PT exercises at home and I am going in to work with my therapist twice a week.
This stretch is the heel slide and helps me regain the range of motion in my knee. It definitely hurts in the beginning until I get warmed up and I do this exercises 3 times a day...

Another thing that I have to work on daily is self massage at the point of surgery.  I really have to get in there and pinch + massage it - it hurts! But it is necessary for continued blood flow and healing...

This is called the heel slide and again it helps with my range of motion. Notice how swollen my knee is? It it weird - it doesn't even look like my knee, but I know that will change! :)

The next exercise is called quad sets. I put a towel under my knee, tighten the muscles in my knee and press down. Hold for 5 seconds and relax.

Straight leg raise is next...

Hip Abduction to strengthen my hips! I have lost so much muscle in my quad muscle... Slowly but surely will I work my way back.

This is the seated hamstring stretch and it feels great!!

I also ice my knee A LOT to help the swelling. When I am not performing the exercises, then I have my leg elevated and ice on the knee (15 minute intervals).

I also made some really yummy granola this weekend - I got the recipe from my friend Tina and it is SO DELICIOUS!! You'll have to go to her blog and get the recipe :)

The weekend wouldn't be complete without a great glass of wine!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and cheers to a great week!!

What was the highlight of your weekend?!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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