Trumpets and other useful things

Well, hello there friend! How's it going?
It was a gorgeous day today! With cooking and PT exercises and icing my knee and kiddos and diapers (SBG is ready to be potty trained, I just can't handle doing it right now on crutches. Please wait till June my love!) and my Dad here and Josh's big concert - WHEW! I have had a busy Tuesday and this post is like basically Wednesday, but I definitely wanted to connect. 
So hi!

The palm tree in our yard really made me happy today and I had to take a pic...

Josh started playing the trumpet at the beginning of the year and he has been working hard all year long. Tonight was his orchestra concert and I couldn't have been more proud!! He also had a solo and did such a great job. I just have to gush a little... 

He is getting so big (and so handsome - I just have to say that!) and I just can't stop staring at him every day. He is eight now and I just cherish every moment. Josh played his heart out tonight and says he wants to play again next year! Can I express to you how happy I am about that? All he would have to do now is say he wants to run cross country and I. Would. Be. In. Heaven. :)

My Mom brought these beautiful roses for him afterwards (who says boys can't get roses, right?!)

Okay, I am done with my gush fest (Love you Josh!)...

On to chatting with you! I found some great articles that I thought you'd like! :)

With spring in full force and summer fast approaching, I thought you'd appreciate this article on keep your fruit and veggies super fresh!

Can you guess what is currently the fittest city in America?! No surprise there - I love my DC blogger, runner friends! :)

What are your plans for Memorial Day? I love this source for great planning ideas and decorating!

Remy's World is leaving! :(

I made these beautiful red lentils for dinner...

And I made a delicious banana chocolate chip bread too!! It turned out YUMMY. I will post the recipe soon!!

I don't know what's gotten into me with the cooking, but I made MORE granola...

And it was gone in like 2 minutes! :)

I am officially exhausted, cause cooking on one leg takes a lot of work!

Okay my friends, all I will say is I can't wait till I can do this!!!!

I wonder when I start running again will I stop cooking and baking so much? Humm... we will see!

Have a wonderful Tuesday Wednesday!!

What did you have for dinner?

Have you made your summer vacation plans yet?
If so, where?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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