Weekend Recap - Memorial Day edition!

Hi friends!
I hope you are having a great Tuesday and getting back into the swing of things after the long weekend.
Yesterday, I wrote about the awesome dessert we had for our Memorial Day celebration, and you can read all about it HERE! 

We had a wonderful three day weekend. It's always nice to slow down a bit and just enjoy being together.

On Friday, I continued with my PT exercises and quad sets is one in a long list of exercises that I do 3x a day, every day...

...And I just couldn't wait till I start running in July to wear my Brooks lobster running shoes!! They feel incredible by the way!

We finally had to say goodbye to my Dad as he left at zero dark thirty on Saturday morning. After 2 1/2 weeks of being here, he had to leave and get back to his life :) We all loved every minute of having him here and can't wait to see him soon! Thanks Dad!

Saturday, I ended up getting up at zero dark thirty (as in 3 am!) to say goodbye to my Dad and then was wide awake afterwards!! I never have a problem with insomnia, so that was interesting. The good thing is that I got to see the sunrise (yay!), the bummer was I was exhausted by 10 am (boo!) 

Saturday afternoon we made homemade pizza! I love doing this with my kids, as they kinda run the show and get to cook a lot and then make their own individual pizza. We have a homemade cornmeal crust that I love to make and - it's easy!  

Sunday was a super fun day! We went to a wonderful Memorial Day party hosted by our good friends and spent the afternoon playing and having a great time.
I made a flag cake that I love to make during the summer holidays...

Our friends have an incredible pool and it was the perfect day for swimming!

SBG had no hesitation about jumping in and Jerold had a great time keeping up with her...

Josh had fun playing ping pong....

We had tons of good food (I loved this orzo salad - I had 3 servings!)...

And the kiddos kept asking about dessert, so we got right to it!

And I couldn't cut it fast enough!

Of course the adults had wine...

On Monday we stayed home and hung out together! We slept in a bit and it was pretty much a perfect day. I couldn't get enough Eskimo kisses from SBG...

Yes, I am wearing my flag shirt again! I featured this shirt in the Friday Favorites on Friday and immediately bought one. I love it and can't wait to wear it for 4th of July :)

Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with lots of running and good food!

Did you BBQ for Memorial Day? What did you have?
We had ribs, corn on the cob, and a beautiful green salad. Heaven.

What was your workout today?
I went to PT for an hour, then did my PT exercises at home X 3.

Happiness Is Running Life!


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