Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's all about apples!

I am a huge apple fan and as runners, we like a big, juicy apple to eat, right?

As I was munching on an apple the other day, I started thinking about all the wonderful varieties of apples that we have available to us...

I asked Jerold to pick out all the different types of apples available at Whole Foods so we could give them a try (Thank you honey. I can't wait to start driving again!!). We normally stick to eating only Fuji apples, so it was fun to try some other varieties of apples. Alright! Let's talk apples, shall we?

Did you know there are 7,500 varieties of apples grown worldwide?!

1. First up - the Red Delicious Apple
Known as America's snacking apple, it is crunchy with a mild sweet flavor...

In the US, Washington State grows a lot of our apples and the Red Delicious Apple is the most popular apple in the state (source) and represents about 30% of apples grown there.
The Red Delicious originated in Peru, Iowa and was introduced to the market in 1874.
This apple is harvested in September and October, but is available throughout the year.
I have gotten away from eating Red Delicious apples over the years. It is not my favorite, but I still enjoyed eating this one :)

2. The Gala Apple

This beauty is from New Zealand and was introduced to the market in 1965. Galas have gained popularity with consumers in the last 15 years and it can be described as a crisp, sweet, snappy apple (source). 
The Gala is harvested from the middle of August through early September and stocked in stores from September through May.
I loved the flavor of the Gala! If I didn't choose a Fuji, I would choose the Gala.

3. The Granny Smith Apple

Ahh, don't you just love the bright green beauty of this apple?
I realized that I want to eat more of these!! Eating this apple made me want to make apple pie :)

Extremely tart and crisp, these apples are available year round.
in 1868 Maria Ann "Granny" Smith discovered this apple in Eastwood, New South Wales (a suburb of Sydney, Australia). On the 3rd Saturday in October in the town where Maria discovered the apple, there is a Granny Smith festival that attracts 80,000 people each year. 

4. The Golden Delicious Apple

The Golden Delicious Apple is described as the all purpose apple. Mellow and sweet, Goldens are great for eating out of hand, baking and salads. Isn't this interesting? The flesh on a Golden stays white longer than other apples! (source)
The Golden Originated in Clayton County, West Virginia in 1914. They are harvested in September and available year round.

This apple is a little mellow for my taste. Still very good though :)

5. The Fuji Apple

I love, love Fuji Apples! This apple originated in Japan and was brought to the market in 1962. However, it wasn't introduced to the US until the 1980s. Interesting fact ---> The US now produces more Fuji Apples than Japan!
Fuji Apples are known for it's hard texture and syrupy sweetness. This apple is excellent for baking and for salads!
Fujis are harvested in October and can be purchased nearly year round.
This is hands down the favorite in our family :)

One thing we love at our house is dipping. Although I love to wash and eat a crisp apple, I also love to dip apple slices into something yummy with my kiddos.
Here are our top favorites ingredients to use for dipping (as shown by SBG)...

I put a teaspoon of honey into a cup of plain greek yogurt as a wonderful dip.
Almond butter and Sunflower Seed butter are also great for easy dipping.

Remember ---> apples are a fruit that is best bought organic. You can read my past post HERE about which foods to buy organic.

SBG and I have had a fun couple of days experimenting with fruit! Yesterday we made a super delicious carrot mango smoothie! If you missed my Instagram post, I'd love to share it with you now :)

Super easy to make!

Carrot Mango Smoothie

3 Organic, raw carrots
1 1/2 cups frozen mango chunks
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 water
2 dashes nutmeg

Blend and serve!

That's all for now friends! Happy eating and drinking!!

What is your favorite type of apple?

What type of dip do you like to use for your apples?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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