Weekend Happenings + my life right now

Well, hello there! We haven't talked all weekend! Let's get caught up, shall we?

Wow, the life of a (majorly) injured runner is so interesting - crazy, sometimes frustrating, tough, a juggling act X 10, etc.

It's been 11 days since the knee surgery and it has turned our lives upside down. I am unable to drive at all at least until the first week of June! That alone is nutty when you are a Mom with three kids to drive around. 

I can't cook, because of the crutches and it is super important that I don't put any pressure on my right leg. Just little things like being able to carry a glass of water. Try doing that while on crutches...

Plus, I have to be on the Continuous Passive Motion Machine for a total of 8 hours a day and I have to be lying down. That is pretty challenging with the kiddos, changing diapers, naptime, snack schedules and the list goes on and on...
It looks like I am chilling out in the below picture, but I have to increase the range of motion on the machine 5-10 degrees a day. For example I started at 50 degrees and now I am at 95 degrees. I can hear my knee groaning in protest, but it is important not to develop scar tissue in my knee.

Jerold is taking a huge load of the responsibilities and he fully realizes the crazy job of a stay at home Mom of three kids! :)  My Mom has been amazing helping with SBG - taking her to the park and playing with her. She comes over to help with the kiddos whenever she can.
I found out today that my Dad is coming from Ohio to help us out!! I am so, so excited to see him and we could greatly use his help as well. Also, I was so sad that I wouldn't be able to fly out to see him for his big 70th birthday in May - well, it turns out he'll be HERE during that time!! Big party planning is underway and I love birthdays...
I am so grateful for my family - they really know how much running means to me and I feel their love and support during every step of this journey.

Salads for lunch on a daily basis are my thing these days...

Thursday marked one week since surgery and off I went to the post op appointment.
I was able to ditch the compression socks and the stitches were taken out...

Okay, so I wasn't able to shower for an ENTIRE WEEK after the surgery. Ummm... okay.
But doc said absolutely zero showering and that wash ups would have to do for a week.
Wow. So, I did what I could and washed my hair, scrubbed the essentials and just tossed thoughts of how great a hot shower would feel out the window!
I was estatic, elated, overjoyed to get the okay to shower after the stitches were take out and the slim bandage was put on to cover the wounds...

While I was there, I also had to get another x-ray to check my bones and make sure all was well.
As you can see, there was nothing remotely cute about this shot. I had rolled out of bed, threw on my hat and whatever clothes popped up first in my drawer and here we go...

My instructions were to start PT this week (I go tomorrow!) and continue with the 8 hours a day (can be broken up how I would like - usually 2 hour increments) on the motion machine. Doc also told me zero driving for the entire 6 weeks, keep the brace and the crutches and...have fun!
And I know this is just a super perma grin, but I was soooo happy to go home and take a shower :)

And it just keeps getting better because when we arrived back home, there was a big package waiting for me with the LOBSTER SHOES!!! The Brooks Launch 2 Limited Edition Stinkin awesome, super cool lobster running shoes!!! Yay!! Plus it came with the fun lobster bag to put them in (no, I hadn't showered at this point - I was too excited)!!

I am so psyched about my growing collection of running shoes that are just SCREAMING to be taken for a run. "HEY NAT: COME TAKE US FOR A RUN!!" Patience my friends - I will take you out soon. :)

On Saturday while SBG took a nap and I was (guess?!) on the machine Jerold took Josh and Meg to the grand opening of a bike store here in town. They got a chance to sit in a bike called the ELF, which is a really fun electric assisted covered bike complete with a trunk! They had a blast...

Saturday night (well, actually Sunday morning) I just couldn't help myself and had to tune in to watch the London Marathon! I was so excited to see Paula Radcliffe run her final marathon. I mean, what an inspiration! I also wanted to see if I could spot my friend Tina, who was also running (congrats on an awesome race friend!!). I enjoyed it so much and fell asleep during some of the coverage.
Here is the interview that Paula gave to the BBC right after she finished. Doesn't she seem like the most lovely person?!

And on Sunday I left the house! Yep, I really did! I showered and put on a dress (gasp!) and LEFT THE HOUSE. With my crutches and full leg knee brace of course :)
A friend of mine invited me to go to see Earth, Wind and Fire in concert and meet the band backstage after the show. Yes, please!
I was feeling bummed this weekend, because I was totally missing my annual Girl's Weekend trip with my college girlfriends. I look forward to this trip ALL YEAR, but doc told me I would have to miss it this year. I knew that already, as we were going to be in Santa Barbara, walking and being super active. It would have been too much for me to do all of that. But, this concert -  I felt like I could handle. 
My friend drove us there, let me out at the front door and I hobbled my way to our seats, where I was able to sit in a wheel chair and stretch out my leg - perfect! 
Really fun!!

And we were able to meet the band back stage, which was really cool! They are the most down to earth, nicest guys ever. Loved meeting legendary bass player and original band member Verdine White...

And at the end of the night, I realized there was no way I could get up the stairs to go home, so the awesome trumpet player, Bobby Burns (Who was a 50 mile a week runner and now loves Crossfit - we had so much fun talking about running!) offered to carry me - thanks so much!! I really appreciated it! :)

So jazzed to meet Philip Bailey - original band member and lead singer. His voice... WOW! The high notes that he reaches is incredible!

And by then it was almost 10 PM and I was beat! No super late night for me and I fell asleep on the way home! :)

Earth, Wind and Fire is going on tour with the band Chicago this summer and I am a huge Chicago fan as well so we'll see - may have to add that concert to my summer schedule! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Who raced this weekend? How did you feel about your race?

Who ran long? How many miles did you run?

Did anyone watch the London Marathon?!!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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