Friday Favorites!

What's happening, friends?
Today is the last Friday in April! Wow, the month totally flew by!!

Let's get right to some great stuff, shall we?

1. I love this!! We all are crazy for instagram, right? Well, here is a cool article on 7 awesome, creative ways to use your instagram photos!! I love beautiful throw pillows and I am definitely putting this on my craft to do list :)

2. I have had a desire to learn to knit for years! I think making scarfs and hats as gifts for friends and family would be cool. This would also be a really nice Mother's Day gift :)

3.  Creative coasters (and monogrammed!) for your next cocktail party!! What an excellent idea... yes, please :)
Also, another great gift idea!

4. Want to try the BEST CHOCOLATE you have ever tasted in your entire life? 
Honestly, I have never tasted chocolate so good. Ever.
Order on line and the next time you come to LA - GO HERE. They'll give you a sample and then you'll buy the whole store...

5. A Disney film about the wonderful lives of monkeys. It is rated G (love that - there aren't many rated G movies anymore). Narrated by Tina Fey. 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
Good luck to all racing this weekend - give it all you got!!!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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