Staying motivated!

Hey friends!
How is your week coming along?

I wanted to talk a bit about motivation today.

We all go through times when it is hard to get motivated to get out the door for our run. 

We are human and we definitely have highs and lows in our motivation. Some days we may be exhausted, dealing with bad weather or you just don't want to face another dark, cold morning!

Sometimes all we want to do is hit snooze and go back to bed...

It's how we push through the rough patches that matter. 

Five tips to get you out of bed and on the road

1. Make a date to run with friends (it's easier to get out of bed when you know a friend will be waiting for you).

2.  Prop a sign on your bedside table with your goal to remind you why getting out there is so important.

3. Tell yourself to run for 10 minutes and if you still aren't feeling it, turn around and come home (chances are you will always keep going!).

4. Keep a journal of your training. No one likes to see a blank page in their journal for an unscheduled day off.

5. Remind yourself that if you want results, you've got to put in the hard work.

Wishing you all a great rest of the week and to get out there! You can do it!! :)

Do you like to run in the morning or evening?

What motivates you to get out the door?

How many miles are you running today?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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