Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday friends!!
I am all about the Boston Marathon this weekend, how 'bout you?!

But first, let's have a little fun with some favorites this week!

1. This just screams spring at the beach to me. LOVE and can't wait to get a pedicure with this beautiful color. Check out the 15 hottest nail colors right now HERE!

2.  For all the wine lovers out there, what a cool concept. A personalized wine club that chooses incredible wine selections, based on what YOU like! The even better part? It's totally affordable.
Yep. I love that...

3. I went to college at UC Santa Barbara and lived there for 5 years. From the moment I walked on campus I was in love and running here is an absolute dream!
GO, go, go to Santa Barbara. If you have already been there, then go again and RUN. Santa Barbara has some of the most stunning, scenic places to run in the world. This picture shows the trail at Campus Point and I remember so many mornings running along this bluff. Definitely leave downtown SB behind for a while and drive a few miles north to the University, park your car and start running. You won't regret it.
Check out RW's take on it HERE. Also, another great guide to this beautiful city HERE.

4.  Spring is making me crazy about the color aqua! :) I have never gone for a run in Nike running shoes, but I want to buy these just to hang out in and be cute - because aren't they so cool?!

5.  I found out about this book from an awesome running blog that I follow. If you aren't one of the tens of thousands of people that read her blog, ummm - you need to start now :)
Anyway, this book is amazing...

Wishing you an amazing weekend my friends!!!

Will you be watching the Boston Marathon on Monday?

Anyone racing this weekend? (Good luck!!)

Happiness Is Running Life!


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