20 Facts About Me!

I hope you had a great Monday! Did you watch the Boston Marathon? I did and loved every minute! So inspiring and I can't wait to run that race!!

I am mixing it up today and writing a list of 20 facts about me...
Here we go!!

1. I do not have a middle name.

2. I played the flute in the band and orchestra in high school and tied for first chair.

3. I have read the entire Nancy Drew book series - twice.

4. I am a voice over actress and recently finished recording an animated children's series.

5. When I graduated college, I seriously thought about applying to be in the FBI.

6. I was a pre-law major and interned at a jail in the Own Recognizance Unit during college. (Very, very interesting work!)

7. I do NOT like milk chocolate or chocolate mixed with fruit.

8. I really want to learn how to play the guitar (I got one a couple of years ago for my birthday and have been too busy to take lessons!)

9. When I was born, my parents didn't name me for 3 days. While in the hospital, my Mom watched the Movie Splendor In The Grass with Natalie Wood and they decided to name me after her.

10.  Two of my favorite activities (other than running!) are cross country skiing and paddleboarding.

11. One of the coolest things that Jerold and I have done together is when we visited Prague. It is such an amazing city and we had the best time popping into ancient churches for last minute classical music concerts. I want to go back someday.

12. I love to bake! When I was a teenager, I loved baking cookies so much that I considered opening a cookie shop.

13.  For our wedding, we took dance lessons and for our first dance did the tango to the song Por Una Cabeza (the theme song from the movie Scent Of A Woman).

14.  I do NOT like olives of any kind. Ever.

15. I would really like to learn how to fly fish!

16. I did not have a date to my senior prom and asked a boy in the junior class to go with me (luckily he said yes!)

17. I once picked the winning numbers to a 1 million dollar lottery (the only time I've ever played.) The card was lost and I didn't realize I was a winner until the time expired (this was a long time ago!!).

18. Growing up, I didn't like for anyone to call me Nat except for my Dad!

19. I do not like car shopping. At All.

20. I'd much rather eat with cloth napkins, rather than paper (even with little kids, we eat every meal with cloth napkins!)

I am tagging the following people to share their 20 facts!!

Tag! You are it!! I'm excited to see your answers and tag someone else when you are finished :)

Is there any food that you do not like?

Do you remember your date for your senior prom?

What was your major in college?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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