Thursday stuff- spring break edition!

Hi Friends! How is your day shaping up so far?

Spring break is in full effect for us and SBG is a natural beach baby...

The water was a bit chilly, but Josh didn't seem to mind...

It was a picture perfect beautiful day...

This was one of those "I'm just soaking it in" moments...

I am starting to feel a bit normal again...knee is not hurting (yay!) and I was able to try a single leg bridge...

I had my pre op appointment today and it was great! I got all my questions answered and next Thursday is going to be such a successful day.
A quick breakdown:

1. 5:30 am check in 
2. 7 am surgery
3. Doc will go in arthroscopically with a camera and check out the defect.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the medical journal, see Arthroscopy (journal).

The advantage over traditional
 open surgery is that the joint does not have to be opened up fully. For knee arthroscopy only two small incisions are made, one for the arthroscope and one for the surgical instruments to be used in the knee cavity. This reduces recovery time and may increase the rate of success due to less trauma to the connective tissue. It is especially useful for professional athletes, who frequently injure knee joints and require fast healing time. There is also less scarring, because of the smaller incisions. Irrigation fluid is used to distend the joint and make a surgical space. Sometimes this fluid leaks (extravasates) into the surrounding soft tissue, causing edema.Arthroscopy (also called arthroscopic surgery) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure on a joint in which an examination and sometimes treatment of damage is performed using an arthroscope, an endoscope that is inserted into the joint through a small incision. Arthroscopic procedures can be performed to evaluate or treat many orthopaedic conditions including torn cartilage (known by doctors as "meniscus"), torn surface (articular) cartilage, ACL reconstruction, and trimming damaged cartilage.
The surgical instruments are smaller than traditional instruments. Surgeons view the joint area on a video monitor, and can diagnose and repair torn joint tissue, such asligaments and menisci or cartilage.
It is technically possible to do an arthroscopic examination of almost every joint, but is most commonly used for the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, foot, and hip.

Next he will take some cartilage from another part of my knee that is not weight bearing and plug that beautiful cartilage into the defect. (One note: if he can't get to the defect, then they will have to open up the knee. I am praying this doesn't happen.)
I will be fully asleep with a nerve block for pain medication. The procedure will take about 90 minutes and then I will go off to the recovery room. They'll observe me for a while and I'll have time to rest. By noon I should be on my way home! I will have a huge brace for 6 weeks AND crutches (just for a couple of weeks). I'll have to take it pretty easy for a while...
The interesting thing is that the doctor said if I didn't want to run anymore, then I could go on with my life as is and the defect wouldn't effect me. WOW! There is no way in God's green earth that I would choose that option. Running is so, so important to me and I am so thankful to be able to have this surgery so I can start running again. I get emotional thinking about it...
I am just so happy right now, ya know? Never in a million years would I have thought this would happen to me - I've never had a knee injury or knee problems. Injuries happen to all of us, but this has been quite an experience.
It'll be a while before I can bike or swim and it will be interesting to see what happens with my fitness. I know I can't worry about it, but as an athlete I think it's normal to wonder what shape my body will be in after all of this is over. I am hoping to get to do some upper body exercises. I'll talk to the doc about that...
Doc wants me moving around and I may have a machine at home to move and exercise my knee.
4. I'll have three types of medication: Percocet for pain, Ambien for sleep (he thinks I may have trouble sleeping) and aspirin to prevent blood clots. '
5. Since I am feeling good this week, I am going to start briskly walking to get in some exercise before surgery, I am excited to walk on trails and paths that I would normally run on. It'll be great therapy for me - I'll think about soon I'll be running on those paths again!!
6. As soon as I get the okay, I'll start physical therapy and I'll begin running in July!!! I CAN'T WAIT. Can you feel my excitement?!

I am thankful for finding the right doctor - I really like him and trust him. I trust his approach to the surgery which is really comforting.
Goodness knows I've asked a million questions... :)

I know a lot of extra work will fall on Jerold's shoulders for a bit and I am so thankful for his support. He is always there, always loving - what more could I ask for?

One step at a time, one foot forward. This is going to make me a stronger, better runner. I just know it!

One thing is for sure - I will NEVER, EVER taking running for granted.

I made yummy blue corn tacos for dinner and they gobbled everything!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday and it's on to Friday and the weekend!!

What do you like to have for dinner on Friday nights?
We used to have pizza almost every Friday! The kiddos got kinda burnt on it and now we have a regular dinner. I have no idea what we are having tonight! What are you having? I need some ideas :)

How many nights a week do you have dessert?
I love having a tiny bit of something every night (a little dark chocolate), but wow - I realize I am taking in food and not expending a lot of energy so I have to watch it. So far ----> not really working! I love to eat!! Lots of walking this weekend! :)

Thank you for reading and for all of your kind words and encouragement. I am grateful for every one of you - whether I know you or not! :)

Happiness Is Running Life!


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