Where In The World Is Nat + Coach, I'm back!

Well helllo there friends!!

Hello, hello, hello.

I have been writing this blog for 10 months and never once have I gone a solid week without writing.

It was so weird not to be writing every day and I really didn't mean to fall off the face of the earth.

Where in the world did Nat go?

Seriously, I've been here - its just that life has really gotten in the way.

Here is what's been happening:

My running has been great! I mean, I couldn't be happier (I'm still feeling happy!!) about where I am right now with my running. Knee is awesome, I've been running pretty much every day, longest run has been 4 miles and it was so satisfying. I mean on top of the world, Happiness. Joy. Peace.
I feel like a Christmas card...
For the first time since December, I am on track again with my running!!

I am working with my coach again! Woo hoo!! I first "met" him last December and he guided me through 6 weeks of intense cross training to keep me fit to run Boston. When I received the bad news that knee surgery was the only option, we knew that I needed to heal and coaching was going to have to be put on hold for a long while.

Well, I am back! My coach just sent my first week of workouts and it feels pretty sweet. 4 days of running and 2 days of cross training + 1 day of rest. Add to that tons of strength and core  + my PT exercises and I am a busy girl. Monday was a cross training day and I went to PT in the am, did some light jogging and went over all of my exercises. Why we were reviewing exercises? Because my therapist told me he doesn't want to see me for 2 weeks!! That's right - I am now going from twice a week to once every 2 weeks! PLUS, I can run pretty much what I want as long as I feel good. A six mile run - um, sure! 
Well, now I am under guidance of my coach and we aren't quite at six miles yet, but soon. Very soon.

The road to Boston (for me) begins now! #31weeks

My life has been crazy. The kids are loving school. Elle is easing into preschool and she is still only away from me for just over 2 hours each day, which is great for me. I MISS her after those 2 hours.
It is just enough time to go for a run and maybe complete an errand or two.

Also, huge news ----> we sold our house!!! I still can't believe it. We had been talking about it for some time and decided to go for it. It sold in pretty much one day. (!!!)
Our 100 year old beach bungalow is soon to belong to another family. We have had so many wonderful memories in this house - bringing all three of our kids home from the hospital, birthday celebrations, dinner parties, holiday excitement...
After almost a decade of memories, how do you say goodbye?

Needless to say, that has turned my world upside down. Looking for a new home, settling the kids into school, running again, etc. ect.
Every night I started a blog post and would fall asleep in front of the computer, sexy drool seeping from the side of my mouth. 
Thank goodness my husband still loves me :)

Anyway, I have missed this space!! How are you guys?!

I have good stuff for you...

1. I am having an AWESOME GIVEAWAY on my Instagram account!!

I am excited to announce I will be co- hosting the @Source4Women Instagram Takeover this week with Lindsay (@LTsurf) from Fit & Awesome! Source4Women is a community created by United Health Care and throughout the next four days she will be sharing healthy tips, recipes, and favorite activities with you. In honor of this fun Takeover, we're going to be giving away a #FitBitChargeHR for you and a friend (two total) and one grand prize winner will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card! To Enter: 1. Follow all giveaway host pages by going through the giveaway loop (@source4women @LTsurf @MomsLRB @Natrunsfar) 2. Tag a friend who you would like to win the #fitBitChargeHR with you. By doing this you both will be entered to win 3. Earn additional entries by tagging us in your active or healthy food photos using the hashtag #Source4Women 4. Like and comment on the photos on @source4women over the next four days. Leaving a comment automatically enters you to win the grand prize of a $200 Amazon Gift Card. Winner must live in the US and you must follow all rules to qualify to win the grand prize. This contest is not endorsed by IG. Good Luck!
A photo posted by Natalie (@natrunsfar) on

Lindsay from Fit and Awesome is hosting and Katie from Mom's Little Running Buddy and I are co-hosting. The giveaway is FitbitCharge HR (for you and a friend) + the grand prize is a $200 Amazon gift card! Check out my INSTAGRAM for details!!!!
One fun tidbit about how Lindsay and I met - Jerold met her a couple of years ago when he ran his first Ragnar - they were on the same team! He came home and told me all about his fun Ragnar experience and all the great people he met. Fast foward a couple of years later and Lindsay and I finally met in person at Blogfest! 
Also, Katie is training hard to run the NYC Marathon (Team Asics!) on November 1st, be sure and check her out!!

2. Congratulations to Cassi for winning my Freekeh Foods giveaway!!

3. Check out Amanda's new podcast series - great interviews from some awesome runners. I've really been enjoying the series!

4. Check out Tina's Runners Connect podcast with Janae from Hungry Runner Girl!! A really great interview ---> an elite athlete (I love Tina!) interviewing a great runner who is getting ready to try and run a sub 3 marathon in a couple of weeks. I have been reading HRG's blog (love her blog!) for a long while and I have no doubt she'll grab that sub 3!! Super exciting!!

5. I loved reading Lauren Fleshman's post about her achilles surgery in Sweden. There is so much about this article that I could relate to.

6. And then check out Lauren's husband Jesse's post about winning Ironman Wales!! Talk about inspirational! I was on pins and needles when he talked about the marathon portion of the race (how do you run 6 something minute miles after a 2.5 mile swim and 112 bike?!!!)

7. Check out my girl Sue and her progress to run a sub 4 hour marathon at the end of October. I believe she can do it (you can DO IT!!) and she kicked butt in her half marathon last week. Way to go my friend!!

Okay, I think this is getting wayyyy too long, so I'll end it here. I hope you have an amazing Tuesday!

Tell me something fun about your week!!

Be well, run fast, take chances.

Happiness Is Running Life!


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