Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekend Update: Trail, My Love - I've Missed You.

How is it Labor Day already?
It seems just a couple of weeks ago, it was Memorial day (I made my traditional flag cake) and summer was just beginning. 
September seemed a million miles away, and yet here we are.

I'm ready.

I'm ready for Fall. 

For me Fall equals running once again (Yay!!!!), back to school (and although I adore my kiddos to pieces, we are all ready for school to begin tomorrow), the smell of pumpkins and nutmeg, the thrill of selecting Halloween costumes, the anticipation of Thanksgiving and the allure of Christmas. 
My kiddos are already asking if they can start writing their Christmas lists, so go figure.

Summer is (unofficially) over.

So I have news. Exciting news! 

No, I am not moving to Europe. Although we do have some friends from Josh's old preschool that are moving to Paris. Very cool indeed.

My news is that I got to run on trails this weekend!!! Hooray!! Friday morning, I got my butt kicked in PT (I couldn't even muster up the energy for a picture.). Then my therapist told me I could start running THREE miles total, and one of those miles could be on a TRAIL! 
I was shocked, as I thought it would be another 1-2 weeks...

Hello, trail!!

Let me back up a bit. I began on Friday late afternoon. I was itching to get out there. I ran on a flat park trail above the beach and it was heaven. I picked up the pace and by the time by Garmin beeped 1 mile, my lungs were burning and I was beat. Tired. Wondering a bit why 1 mile beat me up so badly. Oh yeah, I've been injured for like - forever.

Saturday, I woke up tired - my legs were fatigued and even though I rested most of the day, I knew I should take the day off from running. So I did. I did a bunch of stretching, core and PT work, but zero running. 

Sunday, I felt incredible! The rest was good for me.

The crunchy sound under my feet = perfection

It has been 9 months since I've run on a trail!!! Elle was more than happy to celebrate with me...

I love this little girl!!

This trail and I have been through lots together. Girlfriend runs, solo runs, the 17 mile long run that Jerold and I embarked upon last summer during my marathon training (I wasn't blogging then, or you would have see tons of footage!) - he on the bike, me on my feet and a babysitter at home. The ultimate afternoon date. Ha ha... :)

After my 1 mile glorious run, we got to see an amazing sunset...

I love the beach, but this is pretty amazing. #mountainsunset

The track is great, but the trails are my heart...

I have an article for you! Want to be a faster runner? ----> strength work is important!!!
Check it out HERE!!

Something else for you: Have you entered to win a MONTH'S supply of Siggi's yogurt?! Go HERE for details!! Contest ends on Wednesday!!! :)

Have a wonderful holiday!!

What are you doing to celebrate Labor Day?!

Did anyone race this weekend? Who ran long this weekend? Give us the details!

Be well, run fast, take chances.

Happiness Is Running Life!


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