Weekend Update: I'm Getting My Groove Back!

It's still so, so hot here. Much hotter than July and August and I don't know why that surprises me.
Every year I get excited about Fall and then... yeah, no. We have about 2 months left of summer.
It's not a bad thing - believe me, I love going to the beach in October. And it doesn't stop me from making pumpkin everything. I keep saying to Jerold that one of these years we are going to have to take a fall foliage trip back east, (probably to Vermont, because that is another happy place for me) because that is what I truly miss. The gorgeous colors of the leaves changing is a sight to behold. Being from Ohio, I grew up with the distinct season of fall - tumbling, beautiful, bright red, yellow and orange leaves. The crisp fall air and the euphoria of jumping into a huge pile of freshly raked leaves.
My kids have no idea what that is about. They go boogie boarding in November and think that is normal...
Anyway! So sorry to go off on a Fall rant! :)
Let's talk about running.
Friends, I am getting my groove back! It has been a really fun, but rusty few weeks since I started running again (hooray!!!). I almost felt like I didn't know HOW to run anymore. Constantly out of breath, tired legs, awkward gait, foreign arms. It was strange...
I knew I would feel normal again, it would just take some time. Heck, I've been patient all of these months, surely this is nothing. And it's been great!! It's like riding a bike, you never truly forget...

If it makes you happy...

I have had some days where I wake up and my muscles are angry at me! My body is angry at me, and it's not fun. At. All. 
I talked to my therapist and he says if my muscles are sore, it's normal and fine. If my knee is hurting, let's discuss and make a new plan. 
So far, so awesome. My knee feels just fine! I gotta schedule some time for a massage...
Friday I ran 1 mile only, logged some good time on the bike and did a lot of core and strength work at the gym.
Saturday I ran 2.1 miles on a trail and felt good.
Sunday I ran 3 miles and felt really good (pics are from my 3 mile trail run). It's clicking and my body is remembering...

Stretching routine, core, weights, PT exercises... still at the forefront of my life. I must do those things first. Running comes afterwards (or running first and then the other stuff - but it has to happen).
My quad muscle in the right leg still needs a lot of work. I know I have to have strong quads to carry me through a marathon...

Notice the loose skin of my quad muscle here - this is the knee that I had surgery on. Working hard to build that muscle back to where it was.

We are a family of runners...

Watch out, it won't be long before Elle catches up (she's got runners legs!!)

I finally tried an Acai bowl!!

My new obsession.

Another breathtaking mountain sunset...

This never gets old...

Deena Kastor had her running retreat this weekend!! It looks amazing! I love Mammoth so much - I have gone to cross country camp in Mammoth and skied there as well. I need to think about going to this running retreat next year - who wants to join me?!

Kara Goucher has her running retreat at the end of October! I am not able to make it this year, but it sounds awesome!! Anyone going?

You have to read Kara's recent article about being a marathoner. Such great reminders...

Check out Amanda's (aka: Miss Zippy) podcast! She interviews an amazing marathoner/ ultra marathoner (he even ran a marathon in flip flops!!!).

Yes, I know all of this - because this is what I do on a Saturday night!

The Ventura Marathon was this weekend!! I can't believe it has been one year since I ran it!! :)

Congrats to Lauren on winning a month's supply of Siggi's yogurt!!

Don't forget about my Freekeh giveaway!!

.... and lastly, Boston Marathon registration begins this week!!! I'm so excited!!

Tell me one fun thing about your weekend!!

Have you ever been to a running retreat?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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