Weekend Update! First 5 mile run and other fun tales!

What's going on my friends?
I hope you are having a great start to the week! Can you believe it is almost October?
Let's catch up a bit!

First, let me say - I am so excited about my first 5 mile run this past Sunday!! Over the summer during my recovery and rehab, I kept dreaming about being able to run again. I also thought a lot about going for a 5 mile run (I'm not sure why 5 was the magic number...). At the time, when I wasn't even walking, 5 miles seemed like a really long way.
My doctor and I talked about it and he told me by October I would be able to go out for a 5 mile (and beyond!) run any time I wanted.
It felt amazing. I normally don't run on the beach, but it was such a beautiful day that I couldn't resist! So the kids got to play with Jerold and I got to run 5 miles.
I ran for 1 mile on the hard packed sand and then headed to a trail for the additional 4 miles. 
Physically, my knee felt good, but I am still dealing with a lot of stiffness. I know it will take time and patience, but I am looking forward to my body not feeling so creaky :)
Anyway, it was a gorgeous run...

Friday brought me the gift of a baby sitter for Elle, the other kiddos were in school and I was a kid in a candy store! I explored a new trail for 4 awesome miles...

Saturday, I took the day off! My coach has me on a Saturday run, Sunday off schedule - but I was feeling tired on Saturday, so I swapped days off :)
I took Megan on a date to get her nails painted! First time ever in the nail salon and she had so much fun. Don't you just love the color she chose?

Pretty in (soft) pink!

I also got a chance to head down to Manhattan Beach and have dinner with Christine!
I love Christine's blog and I'm always in awe over her beautiful yoga photos, so it was such a joy to meet her in person. It's so funny how you can read someone's blog for a while and it feels like you kind of know them. We had such a fun dinner and talked non stop. Runner/blogging friends really are the best!!

So fun!

After my post about drinking 100 ounces of water each day, I had a lot of emails with questions about it. Do I really drink that much each day? Is it hard to get it all in? Do you get tired of the taste? ect.

I wanted to address those questions, so here we go!

1. Do I really drink that much water? Yes! :) My coach has advised me to do it and I have been on board! I have been really diligent about drinking 100 ounces (or 12 cups) of water every day (I only started about a week ago!).

2. Is it hard to get it in?
I find that if I get a good jump on it in the morning, then it makes it much easier. For example, today I was able to comfortably drink 6 cups (3 with breakfast, 3 with snack) in the morning and then I only had to spread out 6 additional cups throughout the day. I went to the gym in the early afternoon for some bike time and I was really thirsty after the workout. I easily drank another 3 cups. This put me at 9 cups of water by 1 PM. The last 3 cups I slowly drank throughout the afternoon and then with dinner (plus a glass of wine!).

40 minutes on the bike today!

3. Do I get tired of the taste?
The taste... so far, I have been great with the taste - but you can also put fruit in your water, or use Nuun or flavored coconut water to make it taste delicious.

4. Do I have to pee a lot? 
Yes, but not a ton. Maybe my body needs a lot of water right now with all of the running and cross training (which it hasn't been used to), but I don't feel like I have been sprinting to the bathroom every 5 minutes. 

So there you have it! Let's all drink (a ton) of water together! :)

CONGRATS to Toni and Lea for each winning a FitBit Charge during the giveaway I co-hosted last week with Lindsay from Fit and Awesome and Katie from Mom's Little Running Buddy!

A huge CONGRATS to Rashell for winning the grand prize of an Amazon $200 gift card!!!

How much water do you drink per day?

Tell me something fun about your week so far!

Anyone tapering for a marathon?!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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