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Hi Friends!
I am so sorry for the radio silence yesterday. On Monday, I talked about how SBG has been sick and the soup I made was perfect for all of us and our gloomy June weather.
Well, Monday evening, I started feeling pretty yucky and by Tuesday it was a full blown deal.
I was in bed all day with a super sore throat, headache and chills. I couldn't even think about picking up my computer. I am still feeling pretty under the weather today, but I at least have a little bit energy! :)

So, since it is Wednesday, I won't call this post an official Weekend Update, but I will tell you what has been going on these last few days!

Saturday we had a birthday party at the beach to celebrate Megan's 5th birthday! We were so blessed to have a beautiful, sunny day!

A running update! I went back to the doctor on Friday and I am now able to put 50% weight on my leg! I still need to have my crutches at all times for 4 more weeks and then I will be all done with crutches! Yay!
Also, I am now able to drive which is a huge relief as I need to be able to drive my kiddos around for fun summer activities.
PT, is going great and I was able to get on the bike for the first time!!!

I can now start slowly riding the bike for 10 minute a day!!! Progress!!

Monday was Megan's restaurant night and art show at her preschool. It was such a wonderful evening! The painting on the right is Megan's! 

The menus are hand made by the preschool children! The smallest class of children name the restaurant which was called: Funny Dinosaur Puppy Restaurant! It is really cool because each child is responsible for being the waiter for the night and serving their family. This includes taking our order and bringing out the food. Megan also took our money and brought us a chocolate mint for dessert.

I love that my Mom was able to make it too! She has never missed a restaurant night, which is really cool...

I remember Josh doing the same thing just 3 years ago! He has grown so much!!

So that is what is going on with me! I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!!

Tell me one thing that is happening with you this week!

Are you a lasagna fan?

Happiness Is running Life!


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